Arpita Bahl, a management degree holder from International Management Institute, New Delhi, is also an engineer in electronics and communication from ABES engineering College. She has done her schooling from Somerville School, New Delhi. But all throughout, she had also been an ardent book reader and lover. Her passion to write found direction when in the last days of November 2014, she decided to put her thoughts into words by penning her first book down, and therefore declined her job offer at Goenka group to go full-fledged with the dream. She now hopes to leave a mark in the writers’ world through her debut novel, Until the Sun Sets.


1. What inspired you when you started writing?

I have been reading books since I was eleven. A while before I started penning down my book, I came across a very beautiful and inspiring quote, and it was “Anyone who can read well, can write well”. I was impressed and inspired because all the scenes, stories and thoughts which used to come up, die down and were interweaved with each other in my head found a way out on paper.
Around November in 2014, while I was reading this one book, suddenly one of the major scenes of my book materialized write in front of my eyes. It involves both the protagonists when they are about to fall apart. This is the scene where I started my book from. And the rest of the book shaped up gradually. 

2. Everyday how much time do you spend on writing?

My time for writing everyday depends greatly on the way my thoughts are flowing at a particular moment, and whenever I find them constructive, I write them down. Usually when I sit down to write, it can also go up to 6-8 hours in a day. And many a times it also stretches to days without writing when no substantial thoughts come in.

3. “Until The Sun Sets”, is not only about romance. It has thriller, mystery in it. How did you come up with this plot?

I started writing with the scene when the two protagonists are just about to fall apart from each other. Form here itself, I knew it was something big which had led the both of them to that point and position in their lives. That’s when the suspense and mystery element of my story started slowly pouring in.

4. What challenges did you face while writing and publishing this book?

I feel that whatever one does for the first time, he/she is bound to hit rough patches and hard grounds before they are finally able to come up with anything substantially satisfactory. Right from internal apprehensions, fear of failures, fear of taking the wrong decisions, to the external issues like sending your script to different publishers, waiting for their response, unsure whether they turn out to be positive or negative.
Things like these are bound to happen with everyone who starts anything new.


5. When do you love writing? Any particular time or place?

I prefer writing in the early hours of the day, majorly in the first half. I really like to sit on my bed while writing.

6. You love reading. Isn’t it? Which are you favourite books?

Every single book is a whole world in itself and I love each and every that I have read. Currently I am reading Looking for Alaska and it’s quite engrossing.

7. Can you tell us in brief about, “Until The Sun Sets? “

Until the sun sets is a story about Arjun and Savya. When Arjun returns from the US to a family that’s as close to being dysfunctional as it can be, his life takes a complete turn when he meets Savya and falls for her. But their love is short-lived as they soon get exposed to a reality which they never thought could exist. And they find it staring right at them. A pre-destined future which could put Savya’s entirety into an irreparable peril is what Arjun comes face to face with. And then he finds himself at a point where he needs to decide for himself, for her and for the both of their lives together.
But what he forgets was that he wasn’t the one controlling anything. It was always someone else pulling their strings right from the beginning. Something else was directing them to the finality.
It is a story of love, revenge, hope, dreams, reality and many more facets that you will go through once you start reading it. 

8. To complete your dreams, you left your job. Now when your book is complete do you think your decision was right?

I stand by my decision and in all senses I feel it was absolutely right. Writing this story has made me meet Arjun and Savya. Every reader can connect with the fact that when we read, we enter the world the writer has created for us and feel everything along with the people involved in the story. I have my own world to fall into again and again now.
It is like I have grown as a person, I have learnt a lot through my writing. I have given rise to a whole new set of people around me and it feels amazing.

9. What are your other hobbies?

I like travelling a lot and reading of course.

10. Message for new authors?

In life, whenever you find yourself stuck with an idea, something that you don’t know how to shove off your mind, no matter how hard you try, the same thought keeps coming back to you, understand and accept that it is here to stay. Stop running away and start working on it, develop the thought, expand it and grow it. And in no time, your dream will be there right in front of you, in your hands, smiling at you as a reality.

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Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/av_forever

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Until-the-Sun-Sets-1145267522166748/



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