“It is 1990, Raghu is in the final year of an all-boys school in Delhi. The monotony of attending school is broken by escapades with Aadi – his best friend and the rest of the gang from school. High on hormones the boys are knocking hard on the doors of adulthood! A slew of blankcalls and a mystery caller bring intrigue into Raghu’s life. He is surprised when one fine day Shalini, a girl from his study group turns up at his doorstep. Raghu and Shalini join forces to nail the mystery caller and soon find themselves falling in love. A coming of age fiction set in Delhi of the early 1990s, Eighteen: The End of Innocence traces the lives of three teenagers – Raghu, his girlfriend Shalini and his best friend Aadi. It is a tale about the choices young adults make, often blurring the line between fun and felony in the name of love or for the sake of friendship. Eighteen: The End of Innocence is a journey from turning an adult to maturing into one.”


Sudham Ravinutala completed Bachelor of Engineering with specialisation in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur in 1997. He also completed Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with specialisation in Marketing from K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai in 2001. He is currently Partner in Bright Ideas & Ventures.



The cover of the book was beautifully designed.The book starts with the train journey of Raghu. From his present days to his days of teenagers. ” Eighteen ” is that age of all human where materialistic things attract more. Beauty attracts rather than soul. People forget their limits. They tend to commit those mistakes for which they live with guilt all their life. They fail in their life running behind magnificent things. They feel helpless after some time but then there is an old saying, ” Time and Tides wait for none. ” Teenagers must wisely think before making commitments. Girls sometimes commit sins for which they repend but they cannot ask anyone for help. Boys get into the habit of smoking and drinking and then they do mistakes like accidents, rape etc.
” Excess of anything is bad. “
But in teen age people forget everything. The fantancy world seems beautiful and enjoyable. Life of Raghu and his best friend was no different. Being in their teen age they even did those mistakes which should not happens. Although Raghu was blessed with most matured and wonderful sets of parents but Aadi Destiny was not same. He did not had a caring father but he had a loving mother. People now-a-days when in old times complain that kids these days are mannerless. It’s not about kid, it’s all about generation gap, different point view. Sudham has very beautifully explained each part of teens life. From their friend circle to their love life, from their success to their failure, from their heart breaks to their transformation to couple. May be in this book the character had a name
” Raghu”. But this wasn’t story of only Raghu, Aadi and Shalini it is story of most of the teenagers. Innocence dies or get killed at this period of time. This book is lengthy but a must read for all the people. For teenagers so that they can realise what are they doing with their life’s, for the parents who forget about kids emotions and for old people who do not realise what the situation is and keep on giving their point of view.

RATING : 4/5



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