Among millions and billions people we meet hundreds of them. Among those hundreds some become close to our heart, some are our family, some leave us. With some we maintain professional relation and with some relationship changes. Many people inspire us, many people live in our heart and head always. Few leave their impression and you keep on desiring to meet them. A person cannot become great only if he is talented in one field. A person is great when he knows how to behave, how to win, how to care, how to respond and how to help. The person need to be a bit different from others to become great. If a person does that work which makes human soul happy then that person is #madeofgreat.

Since my childhood to my teen days, I have met numerous people. I have a small list of people who are great in my eyes. Starting the list with the first person who is great in my eyes. That person is none other than my mother.
” Mother ” is the one who has connection with her child more than any person. She lives with her child nine month before any other person. She unconditionally love her child. Like all mother’s of the world, even my mother is great. I never told anyone that if I am quiet it means I am sad or if I talk unnecessarily, it means I want to cry a lot but I don’t want to show. But my mother through my action understand my feelings. I sometimes just wonder if she is God.

” Shouldn’t I consider her in the category of #madeofgreat ? “
I should. And so she is the first person who is great in my eyes.

The second person who is in my #madeofgreat list is my father. He taught me that a person must never loose hope. He has faced many betrayals in life. I keep on cursing God for that but my father pacify me by saying :

” Jo Hota Hai,Acche K liye Hota hai. “

No matter how difficult the situation would be he would never loose, neither his faith in God nor he would stop fighting. He keeps on motivating me, encouraging me to work hard. He never make me feel helpless even if he is suffering from serious financial crisis.
He is #madeofgreat for me.

Last but not the least, when I was in ninth standard , my class teacher Anjali mam was a true great woman.
She taught us to control our anger and have patience. Multiple times I had heard people saying, ” People can be handled by love and not with anger. ”
Anjali mam proved this to me. Even the worst child of the class completed her homework and respected her because she would handle them with love. To make a bad boy a good boy needs a lot of patience but that teacher did even this. She is in #madeofgreat list for me.

There are few more people who are in my #madeofgreat list. Apart from Lionel Messi, Mother Teresa, Saina Nehwal, Viswanatham and Kapil Dev.

To be in one’s #madeofgreat list, a person need to earn it one can’t buy it.

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What do you think of Tata Motor’s association with Lionel Messi ?


15 thoughts on “MADE OF GREAT IN MY LIST

  1. Nidhi, in such a simple and engaging manner you have described the people who matter the most in your life. Mother and father definitely are important in everybody’s life… All others will have to earn this special place.

    Tata Motors and Messi combination appears exciting. Tata never fails to surprise us.

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  2. By associating with Lionel Messi, Tata Motors trying to show the world that their company is also as good as Lionel Messi. Their company never disappoints anybody. And if we go towards the marketing side, then it can be there strategy to tell the world about Tata Motors.

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  3. privytrifles

    I somehow feel Messi might not have a strong connect with Indian audience though being a successful sportstar. Moreover India is more of a cricket crazy country and football is yet to reach that level of madness.

    I hope their idea of going global with this works with this marketing idea.

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  4. Danish Mir

    Lionel Messi and Tata Motors shook hands. This is one of the most beneficial decision taken by them. All around the world people will know about them. This would be one of the best marketing idea.

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  5. Tata Motors has earned the goodwill from giving the best and innovative Automobiles and it is also known as one the best Automobile Manufactures. And if you see the Lionel Messi , his throughout dedication, zeal , targeted goal of life and technically soundness make him big, achiever and remarkable position in the world.
    As per me, the association of Tata Motors and Messi is a grand amalgamation of two legendary entities of the world, and their amalgamation will definitely break down the clutters and affect the cut throat competition of Tata Motors. Tata motors will sure get a huge preference by the fans of Messi. This will sure make a record of Tata motors in the world of production or may be the highest selling automobiles.
    Tata motor’s main target is to give an impression on the large amount of crowd and this can be achieved only through the Messi, because the youth generation is crazy for MESSI and this can be smart move and a great achievement for Tata Motors they positioned MESSI as their BRAND AMBASSADOR .
    In the nutshell, Tata Motors , Messi joining hands will definitely give more soundness in technicality of promotional strategies and Messi’s influence will influence the audience for choosing Tata Motors and expand the business drastically.

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  6. Parents are truly #madeofgreat. Nicely written post, Nidhi. 🙂

    My answer to the question you asked is as follows:

    ‘What drives us from within is what makes us great’, This is the founding principle behind the overall brand association between Argentinian Football Maestro Lionel Messi and Automobile Giant Tata Motors. The overall #madeofgreat campaign is made upon a clear cut vision of seeking excellence along with self-belief.

    Tata Motors and Lionel Messi, both are the ones people look up to get inspired. Lionel Messi is an amazingly renowned player with huge fan following across the world While Tata Motors is an Indian company which has achieved global distinction in past decades and appeals as a company with immense potential. Tata Motors stands at a path defining phase of its evolution story with some overwhelming produts planned in future. Lionel Messi with a global appeal compliments Tata Motors.

    Thus the association is truly #madeofgreat. Legend and Talent have come together to make a truly fantastic combination. The collaboration will be a win-win for both.

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