The abandoned Haveli in Bhramdev, a hill station near Mumbai, is known among the local population to be haunted. People keep away from it. A group of youngsters decide to use it for shooting a pilot for a reality TV series on ‘Haunted Houses’. What follows is a horrifying reality they do not live to relate.Sanya Sharma is an investigative journalist, with a shattered life and a grieving past. Having lost her husband and little daughter within a span of six months, her once perfect life is a distant dream. Depressed, unable to concentrate on work and barely paying attention to her ten-year-old son, she takes help in alcohol and regular visits to her psychiatrist.Unable to overlook her wary ways any more, her boss and old friend, gives her a last chance to get back and assigns her a case of mysterious deaths on a small hill station, a few hours from Mumbai. Sanya knows it is her only chance to redemption and delves into it. What follows is a series ofmysterious, eerie, and horrifying events that Sanya cannot understand and finally with the help of a local police inspector turned friend, it dawns upon her that the haunted Haveli is not just small town hocus-pocus, but alsoa reality that had turned on her. The evil that she encounters slowly affects everything around her and she knows that it will finally consume her.But why? What were the deep, dark secrets of the Haveli’s past? What was the Nawab family’s past? Who is the old woman haunting her? What are the cards and what is the card game? How is such a horrifying situation merely a game and how is she to play it? Why do the writings on the cards come true and people die? She has to find a way to save herself and her son from the evil and the game of cards that makes everything come true. People around her, are killed one- by-one making her wonder why she is spared. Will she play the final KHEL—The Writings—or will it be the evil that will end the game?


Vishal Goswami is a MBA-Finance graduate from Boston, U.S.A and is passionate about reading and writing in all itsforms, whether fiction or non-fiction and also all other genres. He is active on Twitter as @WritetoFite tweeting about more contemporary topics.



When the blurb itself contains multiple questions, the reader’s interest increases and they cannot wait to turn the pages. The cover of the book was scary but was designed well as per the plot. The dark secrets of Haveli can frighten you to the worst. The dark secrets of Haveli can frighten you to the worst. The story starts with journey of four friends who had planned to make a documentary on Haveli. All of them were set with their equipments and all others required materials. Apart from that, the four Krish, Amit, Ayesha and Anjali had seen each corner of the haveli. They played with cards and one of the cards had written the same words Krish uttered few times some minutes back.
  “Chudail Chudail where are you?”

They were all ready with cameras and monitors when they saw a woman’s wail inside the house. They saw a woman but they were hearing voice of a little girl saying, “Chudail chudail” and then she laughed. While reading, I was scared to hell so if by chance if I would be physically present there I would have died. Vishal Goswami has done an excellent job in expressing the situation. For a minute, the author would feel that he/she is not reading the book but is witnessing the scenes.
With the turning of pages, “Sanya” was introduced who worked as an investigative journalist with The Indian Times. She had a son Rohan and a daughter Samaria who died in fire. She was sent to Brahmdev to investigate about the death bodies found in Haveli. She completed her first visit to haveli with inspector Kabir who handed over the files to Sanya. In the mid Sanya met coincidentally with Richa from where she gets to know a bit about haveli. She witnessed something bad during her second visit to Haveli alone. The thing, which surprised Sanya, was the information Father Anthony gave Sanya was same as Richa gave her. The author very well opened the secrets at right time. As Sanya has started investigating, she kept on meeting various people. Even some incidents have started happening in her real life. Some people would get scare seeing Sneha. The same was with Kabir. Even things were affecting  him. Sanya has decided to know about Haveli and its history by hook or crook. With each new people new informations were coming up. Only there was one thing in common  about which everyone said i.e “MRS.GOMES.”

According to Kabir, he was with Sanya whole time but next day Sanya called him complaining that why didn’t he came to meet her. The very next moment when Kabir turned back to see with whom he was, the girl disappeared. In mid, Sanya had to go to Mumbai, but on her journey, she stopped to have tea and came to know about Aunt Rosy. Sister Mary and Aunt Rosy both of them suggested Sanya few tips. Sanya tried all the steps, tips to get free to end the game. She was now scared for her son Rohan.
This book was a wonderful read. “What will happen next”, excitement won’t die till the end.                                                                      
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