“Arjun Dhanrajgir Rai is called back from America to be an integral part in his father’s shrewd plan to conquer the two biggest states of the nation. Powerless to condemn it and forced to be a part of it, Arjun only had two confidants who could help him out of this mesh.Arjun’s life takes a turn when he accidently meets Savya, and he isn’t able to move beyond her again. Though he tries to turn a rigid heart against her indubitable love for him, but soon realizes that it was no coincidence but destiny which sealed their fates together. And he falls in an irrevocable love with her.But their bliss collides with grief when Arjun’s father directs him to a reality of his life could easily put Savya’s entirety in an irreparable peril.What would Arjun do now? And was there something that was leading them to stand up against his father for the one last time? Or was there someone else directing it all?”


Arpita Bahl, a management degree holder from International Management Institute, New Delhi, is also an engineer in electronics and communication from ABES engineering College.But all throughout, she had also been an ardent book reader and lover. Her passion to write found direction when in the last days of November 2014, she decided to put her thoughts into words by penning her first book down, and therefore, declined her job offer at Goenka group to go full-fledged with the dream.She now hopes to leave a mark in the writers’ world through her debut novel,Until the Sun Sets.



The blurb was good enough to create a suspense for the reader’s but the book turned to create more hidden secrets with the turning of pages.The cover was beautifully designed. Till date, I have read and reviewed many books but Arpita took an extra mark by introducing the main characters on the best first page. The story was very well written. Neither the story was going with fast speed nor it was slow. It was perfect. Everything was nice and detailed as much needed. The author had done an excellent job by breaking readers guess everytime. This is the quality of a nice author. Whatever being a reader, I would guess , each time I failed.The plot was full of New mystery.The book was a mixture of romance, friendship, betrayal, dual faces and thriller. While reading chapter 12 I had tears in my eyes. With every turning pages, the excitement level would rise up. By starting chapters, I felt each person life would be easy and happy if they would have friends like
Vivan and Ashka and with turning pages more secrets will be revealed. Most of the people get betrayed but betrayal by the one about whom you haven’t thought in your wildest dream. This book will teach you few lessons of life.
* Never run for money and power so much that the human inside you dies.

* Trust people to an extent. The world is cruel and we won’t even realise who has two faces.

Arjun and Savya were very strong and I must conclude it with saluting Arjun for being so brave. Letting your loved one’s go far from you for their benefit is one of those act which need a lot of courage.

RATING : 4.7/5


ORDER THE BOOK FROM : http://www.amazon.in/Until-Sun-sets-Arpita-Bahl/dp/9384315141



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