“Three people died simultaneously in different parts of India, seemingly unrelated but as the investigation progressed the investigators started finding evidences which ultimately not only related these incidents but opened doors to an investigation which was a much larger conspiracy, beyond anyone’s imagination. Tapas had a good job, a bright future and was about to marry the girl he loved but fate suddenly turned against him. That’s when hemet a spiritual Guru who taught him Pranayama, meditation, and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. Soon, he started taking classes of Pranayama, meditation and started giving Gita pravachan for a small fee. With this modest beginning, he went on to having the largest ashram in India at Puri, Odisha and many ashrams in various countries around the world. An MLA, an American and an Ayurvedic doctor, were instrumental in his rise. Everything was going well for everyone until there was a murder in the ashram. What was really going on? Was the ashram really, what it was supposed to be?

Sunil Sinha was born in Jamshedpur and brought up in Rourkela, a steel township in Odisha. After completing his MA and LLB from Sambalpur University, Odisha, he worked with different private companies for a few years before starting his own business. Sunil has extensive experience in domestic and international trade. He has done business with buyers from many countries. He has also launched several new products and has experience in product development right from inception to sales. Sunil enjoys reading, travelling and adventure sports. Currently, he lives in Bangalore with his wife and children.



The cover of the book was good. The book all around revolves around the life of the boy Tapas who in future became Guru Tapas. There were many different incidence happened in Tapas life. Life is not bed of roses was totally applicable to Rashmi, Tapas and Minakshi life. It is rightly said, ” A person takes wrong decisions when he is angry or is in some trouble. ” The same happened in Tapas’s life. His breaking of promise changed many life’s. Even being blessed with one of the most beautiful and talented daughter, ” Tammana ” but then his mistake had kept him away from his daughter and when he met the time had ended.
Tapas and Minakshi acted as a saver and pain healer in each other life. They tried forgetting their past and wanted to make a good start.
Boys like Ramesh should not be forgiven at all. They should be caught and punished.
Even Tapas sister and his wife were responsible for spoiling Tapas life.
Apart from story, I found repetition of many incident. The intimacy between any couple was described in detailed and it was like repeating things again and again.
The interest of the reader can be easily developed in the first chapter. It showed like a perfect thriller. With moving chapter the interest was falling but then again in sixth chapter reader can engross themselves. It was lengthy book and it could be shorten easily. When the first meeting between Tapas and the first Guru ji the thing was quite knowledgeable. But again the author went deep explaining Pranayama, meditation and lessons from Bhagavad Gita. It was a good one time read. The narration was well. The book contains many suspence in it. With the folding pages the reader would come to know the relation between murder at same time but in different city with Guruji’s ashram. Guruji Ashram was getting fund but then when everything goes fine in a silent manner do remember a storm is coming soon.

RATING : 3/5




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