Five individuals who are as different as night and day unite to bring to the world a baby of sorts of the one thing that binds them together – their love for art, specifically poetry.For the first time ever, they come together to deliver a package of a book which contains the essence and elixirs, the pain and the part & parcel, the bane and the beauty, the lively and the languid, the serene and the sacred aspects of their lives which they have woven beautifully into poems.We bring to you ‘SSAAZZ – The Melody of Life’!!!

Be it the beauty of a diamond that’s still coal,Be it a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll,Be it the pain of a stab in the back,Be it the illusion of love in a shack,Be it the hope of another day,Be it the dragons that we all must slay,Be it the web of lies he spins,Be it the millions of hearts he wins,Be it the hand behind fate’s call,And finally, be it the jazz at a ball;
This book has it all,
Read it, devour it, and preserve it for the long haul!


” Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility. “
This is quote from a famous romantic poet, ” WILLIAM WORDSWORTH. ”
I would love to dedicate this quote to this book , “SSAAZZ“.
Before talking about poetry, the first impression of any book is its cover. If cover pleases you, you will surely open the book. The cover of this book was beautifully designed.
This book contains 99 poetry, from five different poets. The poems are both in English and Hindi. All the poetry are simple and one can understand easily. If the language of the book is easy, the author or the poet wins the reader’s heart.
I must say, “SSAAZZ” is a brilliant book by super awesome poets. There is no single genre of this book. It has love in it, friendship in it, childhood in it, pain in it, inspiration, laughter, break ups and a lot more.
Five poets, Ninety nine poems and the complete book is enjoyable.


Some poems brought tears to my eyes. With some I could relate myself.
Some made me laugh.
And some as soon I completed I rushed to my father and requested him to listen this poetry.
As genre were different,emotions were different, poets were different, my reaction was different.
I laughed, cried, hugged my pillow, made everyone listen to it and with some I went to deep thought.

Whether it was , ” यादें ” or ” Painful Smile” or ” Happiness” all of them made me feel that I wasn’t reading poems but was reading something which was buried deep in my heart.

” साZ” is an extraordinary fabulous book. If I had to choose two best poetry of each author I would choose :

* Anita Tejwani : Trapped and Unsaid Words
* Ashish Vaidya : Good Bye to Girls and यार कमीने
* Zoha Khalid :Painful Smile and Behind The Picture
* Sujit Lalwani : सफ़र ज़िंदगी का and I wish I were..
* Sandhya Nagaraj : Choices and The Return

RATING : 5/5

ORDER THE BOOK FROM : http://www.ssaazz.in



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