If someone ask me about my love in things, I instantly reply them i.e FOOD.
Yes, you heard it right, I love food.
Remember not just food, it should be delicious too. Mark my words, I love Delicious food.I am blessed with the most wonderful cook at my home. She is none other than my mother. Honestly, once you will have food prepared from her hand, your stomach will get full but the desire of having more won’t die.
I had heard about Mac products but as I live in a small city, it is never available in my city. One random day, we got a call from my aunt, that my uncle is ill and we need to rush. My father immediately booked two tickets to Delhi. My mother could not accompany us as we caould not leave grandmother alone. After a two days tiresome journey, we reached to their place. My aunt had prepared lunch for us. I knew she wasn’t a good cook,but when I had lunch I came to know she was the worst cook. I missed my mother. I quietly gulped whole food. We went to the hospital. After meeting my uncle, my father decided to stay there and said he will have dinner in canteen. He told me to take an auto and go home. When I came out of hospital, and after walking for a while, I saw Mc Donalds. I was very happy and I remembered a video my friend sent me long back. I found the video so cute that even after so many year, I did not delete it.

I went inside and as per video I started with McAloo Tikki. Trust me, it was awesome. I was going through the menu and I wished to have McBurger too. I ordered and my tummy got full.
While moving out the waiter told me to have a look at their Mac Store once. I was so much attracted with the taste that after paying the bill, I went there.
I purchased McCain French Fries, McCain Chilli Garlic Potato Bites, McCain Potato Cheese Shotz, McCain Cheese and Jalapeno Nuggets and McCain Smiles. I had a 1000 volt smile on my face.
My tummy was already full so I told my aunt not to prepare dinner for me.
Next morning, I woke up early and told that I would prepare breakfast. I started with McCain Potato Cheese Shotz. Within ten minutes, I presented the breakfast. Everyone praised it. I told my father while incident. The man who always scolded me not to have junk food told me to buy more packets so that we can take them to our home.
The whole three days in Delhi,I relied on Mac products. Every item was delicious. I got saved from worst food of home. From breakfast to dinner I used to eat those snacks. I even went to McDonalds again and ordered to pack two burgers with aloo tikki for having them in train.
This happened three years back, when only we had one smart phone at home and that was with my mother so I could not click pictures.
Thanks to INDIBLOGGER for hosting this contest that I am able to write my experience with McCains products.

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