There was a time when people used to write letters to each other and used to stand in a long queue in front of telephone booths to talk to their loved ones. Now-a -days, smart phones are ruling the market and so are the social networking applications.Even on birthday’s, anniversaries, festivals people just drop a message. No one even think about calling the other person. In today time, people are teaching their parents using smart phones but hardly anyone think that calling them will make them happy. Whether it is a happy or sad moment people just drop a message.
I still remember when I was small and when I used to cry, my best friend would hug me and would let me cry till the time I become normal. When we both used to fight,she would write letter to my mother complaning about my mistakes. I would also do the same.
But these days, when friends fight ego comes first.
One random day, I was sitting alone in my class. My friend had not arrived. I was waiting for my friend. I saw one of my classmate Rashmi sitting in a corner and shedding tears. I found it strange because I saw her friend roaming in the corridor. I went to Rashmi.
I did not wanted to make her feel awkward with stupid questions. I planned to ask her directly the reason.
” Hello.” I said.
” Hi”. She replied.
I could feel the pain in her voice.
” What happened Rashmi ? ” I asked.
” Nothing.” She said.
I knew she would reply this. No one is comfortable while sharing their personal problem with his/her classmate in the first friendly meeting.
” See Rashmi,I know,I am not that much close to you. I know no one would like to share their personal problems with any one. But are I am genuinely asking you about your problem. You will feel relaxed. And may be I can help you. ” I said.
“Sweta is my best friend. I was chatting with my school friends. We were in group chat. I was given a dare to write bad about Sweta.
It was just a dare and funningly I wrote something rubbish. I got busy after that and could not tell Sweta about this. One of our friend was always jealous of Sweta and mine friendnship, she took the screen shot and sent it to Sweta. Sweta believed that screenshot but she did not trust my word. I kept on giving explanations but she did not listened. ” Rashmi could not speak more.
” Since how many years,you both are friends?” I questioned.
” Thirteen years. ” She said.
” You know it has been only half a year I shifted to this city. Kritika and I became good friends. We share every random thing. We trust each other. You relax. I will show you something and asked for her mobile.
I took her mobile and sent a message on my number. Then I replied to her message.
I am going to lab. When Kritika comes show her this message and say her that you keep on being proud of your best friend and see she back bites about you. ” I explained and left.
After half an hour when I returned I saw Kritika smiling and waiting for me. She was acting normal.
When we both were alone.
“You know Rashmi wanted a fight between we two. She was showing me some stupid messages against you.” Kritika said.
I recorded this voice and went to Rashmi and played the voice clip. Kritika was confused.
” See Rashmi, time period doesn’t matter. Trust matters. Real relations is important. Your 13 years old friend did not trust you but see my friend did. They are not your true friends who don’t trust you.” I said and hugged Kritika and told her everything.
There was a smile on Rashmi face too. She hugged us and said I won’t give any explanation to anyone now.
We bid her bye and went to canteen.
While going back home ,I was wondering how do people believe screenshots messages but not people emotions.
We must forget these smart phones and try meeting people and write letters.
Calling is better option than texting.
Meeting is better than video calls.

” Sometimes words doesn’t make you feel better but a hug can make you feel happy. “


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