N. S. Ravi holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Delhi and has had a distinguished and chequered career in senior positions in public and private sector enterprises dealing in jewellery, infrastructure and textiles and apparel in Europe, Africa and India. He speaks Tamil, Hindi, English and French. Ravi is married and has two children.

‘Those Were the Days’ is his debut non-fiction work.


1. Writing for you is………… ?

It started as a necessity to translate my wishes into a book but somewhere along the line I seem to have got infected by the desire to write more.

2. What made you write ” THOSE WERE THE DAYS ?”

It was similar to story telling sessions which one goes through in ones life with family elders.I was heading a company in Africa and had with me more than ninety young Indian engineers and management graduates.Most of them aged below the age of  thirty.We often used to talk about varying subjects such as travel,music,telephones etc.It made me realise that practically all of them were unaware of how the country has eveolved in the last fifty years..I understood that for whatever reason there was a big gap in their understanding about the country.That is why I compared these talks to story sessions of children with elders.

The idea to try and plug this gap was seed  from which the book grew.


3. Who inspired you to write?

I was inspired to write as a follow up to your last question.Using the exchanges with the youngsters  as a starting point I decided that I should try and get many of these  in readable book form so that it could be shared among more people.When I shared my idea with my wife she was all for it and gave me enough encouragement so that I could concentrate on writing a full time occupation even if it was thought of as a temporary occupation.

4. Why did you choose letter form for writing ?

It was a combination of various factors.Since I was wanting to communicate with the present day young generation my children who are from that group became the representatives.Communication through letters before spread of telephone was a topic which I had dealt in my book.Somewhere at the back of mind I had always been impressed with Nehrujis Discovery of India.


5. Did you face anywhere challenge while writing this book?

To ensure that I retained my focus was the biggest challenge. Continuously writing for long time was something I had not done after my college days.To get back into that mode after nearly forty years was a big ask!

6. Among all the chapters which one you loved the most while writing?

The last chapter is and was my favorite.Even now it gives me  such a strong emotional connect that I get a feeling of being extremely proud to have been a witness to the progress India has made over the last four to five decades.

7. Do you feel your book can change the prescription of people?

I did not write this book with that sort of expectation.Honestly I personally believe that we all sell ourselves short.Believe me each and everyone is a intelligent person who knows what is good and bad.Each loves his country and does not have to prove it to anyone.There is however a small issue with  regard to pride.If I have been able create a sense of pride even in one person after reading the book I would feel I have been able to make that person look at things in a positive manner.


8. Writing and working together is a difficult job. How do you managed time ?

When I started to really get down to writing I sort of took a sabbatical by deciding not to work on anything other than the book.Hence time management was easy.

9. How will you react, if any random day someone comes to your and say, ” Your book changed my views. I love India”?

I will be proud and grateful. I will be happy and content  that it was worth the effort.

10. At what time do you prefer writing?

Normally in the first part of the day coinciding with usual office hours and sometimes in the evening if continuity is absolutely necessary for the development of plot.

11. When will your second book be coming ? What will be its genre?

My second book is a fiction and the first draft has been completed.If things move normally I hope to have it  available by early January.

12. Messages for new authors… ?

If you are serious pursue with determination your decision to write.


FACEBOOK : https://mbasic.facebook.com/nuranis.ravi?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C3226928719

TWITTER : @iamnsravi

MAIL ID : nuranisravi@yahoo.co.uk




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