The book talks of art of achieving happiness. It is filled with author’s lifetime experiences about human psychology. It is highlighted that happiness is nothing but a state of mind and that state can be attained only by exploring the inner world. Simple lifestyle, benevolent deeds, positive mindset and clarity in thoughts are the prerequisites for being happy. By chasing and trying to be happy no one can attain happiness. It is spontaneous. There is a disbelief that money is the yardstick of happiness but in most of the cases excess money is the root cause of unhappiness. Ego is the greatest barrier in the way to happiness. The key to happiness is to make others happy. Several real life incidents are portrayed in a lucid manner in various chapters of this book. This book has the potential to transform a human being and show him or her the right way of living and enable the readers to get the true meaning of life. The mission of the author is to awaken the dormant happy persons, who are in deep slumber within the folks.


Suvasish Mukhopadhyay is a full time faculty member of Civil Engineering in College of Engineering, Pune. His academic track record is excellent, receiving distinction through out the career. He has more than seventeen years of teaching experience. He taught Management Studies, Fluid Mechanics, Dams and Hydraulic Structures, Soil Dynamics and Numerical Methods to the students of undergraduate and postgraduate classes of Civil Engineering and guided several students in their postgraduate level dissertation works. He is actively engaged in teaching and research works on Fluid Mechanics, Water Resource Engineering and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Apart from his faculty position, he is a freelance student counsellor. He is in the panel of experts in various universities and private bodies. Prof. Mukhopadhyay has published many papers in different national and international conferences, publications and reputed journals. Till date he has to his credit four books, namely You can Score More, Tsunami the Biggest Bane, My Students of Far and Near,and Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics.


” Happiness ” a small nine letter word but has a very deep meaning. Every person wants to live a happy life but is sad. Everyone thinks that he/she has all troubles of life and is very sad. Actually, the person is not sad at all, it is he/she does not want to be happy. A person can get happiness even in a very small thing. The author has done a marvellous job in writing this book. The various illustrations, quotes add cherry to the cake. One should find happiness in the thing they have. If they try finding happiness in small work they do daily, trust me one can feel how much happy they are. Actually being unhappy for a long time kills the happy person. The author has very well explained that people who run after money can be rich and have a lavishing life but they won’t be living a happy life. If a person reads all these 107 chapters deeply, he will realise how happy he is. He hasn’t seen yet the cruel world.
Many people does not even know the meaning of Happiness, Simplicity and Richness. This book will answer all these words. Many people think that rich people are happy and poor ones are unhappy. But is this true. No, a big no. The author has very well explained this ascept.

I wish, ” THE HAPPINESS CODE ” changes view of many people and they realise that they are happy.

Rating : 3.5/5




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