Based on the global epidemic that most women face in their lives, Death in Every Stride is a dark fable of Krisanne who is going to turn on her wheels and step into a new phase of her life with Paul Dore. Rather, it is a new beginning of the stygian darkness before dawn for Krisanne. How her dreams which she had weaved with flower petals are filled with thorns is what the story revolves around. At the end the author poses a strong question, “Who is at fault for Paul’s attitude and insane cave of thoughts?”

” If you don’t want to fight, then be audacious enough to raise your voice because if you don’t raise your voice, I will rape you. ”


Megha Agarwal is an active blogger atdestroyheaven.wordpress.comand a gold medallist in International Mathematics Olympiad, 2012.Her areas of interests include writing poems, watching inspirational movies and philanthropy. Currently, she is pursuing Bachelor in Economics (H) from The Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi.



” Death in Every Stride “ , is a perfect book. While reading, I truly felt as if I am reading some one’s real diary. Megha has done a brilliant job.  From the way of writing to the presentation of emotions everything was just marvellous. The whole book was in a diary form. The way of writing of the author showed that the feelings were true,  the emotions were real. We all know it hurts like hell when we have dreamt our life in a different manner and it turns to a different way. This story was not of a single woman. This was the story of many ” Krisanne” who had  a husband “Paul.  “
But yes,  Krisanne was blessed with world best daughter and son. It was Emily who made her mother strong. Every girl when marries has many dreams. She knows she is going to a new place,  where she will have strangers. But she knows there is a man in the new house who will take care of her that is her husband. Krisanne took a long time to get rid of Paul.  She should have broken the marriage on the day she came to know about her husband. On some parts I really had tears in my eyes. This book touched my heart. I am waiting to read the sequel of this book. 

Rating : 4. 5/5




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