Jolene Jordan has been forced to join KLASS by her father and she dislikes thefact that she has to toe his line. She makes up her mind to be extremely rude,disobey the teachers and break all rules; so that she would be expelled from school and her father would be humiliated. For sometime Jo is the ‘Mindyour own business’ girl and the bottom performer in her class until a sudden unfortunate twist in her life makes the girl change over a new leaf. The story revolves around Jo’s whirlwind journey through KLASS, her dilemma to choose a game as her MAJOR, her resolve to getthrown out of KLASS as a rebuke to her father and her struggle to overpower her notion to be friends with anyone at KLASS.


Born and brought up in Pune, Prita Yadav is extremely passionate about sports, especially hockey. She has represented Maharashtra State in hockey and is currently part of a women’s hockey club. She developed an interest for reading books at a very young age and was especially fascinatedby the ones from the fiction genre. The fond memories for her alma mater, plus the zeal to master as many sports as shecan, motivated her to write this book on a sports school. To contact the author, email her at prita.yadav87@gmail.com


There are very few books whose cover and title both can attract the readers. Among those few,  ” KLASS ” is one of them. A perfect title with a eye-catching cover.

This book is all about life of a girl “Jolene Jordan ” who hates Klass because she was forced to join that school. More than ” Klass ” she hates her father. She shows the world how rude and arrogant she is but inside she has a good heart and is a nice girl. She tries her best to do things so that she can get expelled from the school. She did not even get her mother’s love. She was more like a tom boy. She wasn’t that much rude as people considered her. Every people doesn’t have same opinion. So Bharat and Shumi found her good.


‘Tejaswee Gupta ‘ was a blessing to Jolene life. Rather I must say both of them were god gifts in each other life. Wished Jolene met Angus in her childhood. To be very honest, the character of Bharat I loved the most. A man like him is needed in everyone’s life.

The language of the book was easy to understand. While reading not even once I felt it to be a fiction one. I enjoyed and felt as if I am part of all this.
Even it is a bit lengthy book,  readers won’t get annoyed and bored as it’s all related to school life and every reader can relate some parts with them for sure.
A writer can only keep their readers hooked till the end only if they have kept some secrets unfolded. Prita has done an excellent job in keeping her readers hooked till the end. ( I had guessed Nik and Jolene together at the end. 😛 )
This book teaches us many lessons.
* ” Learn to Value What you have, rather than cribbing about what you don’t. ”

* ” A man is lifeless without a Passion in his life. ”

* ” Follow your passion in life. ”

*” Circumstances and time are not always in someone’s favour. ”

A perfect read it was. People reading this book review, trust me and order the book now.

My rating : 4.5/5.

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