Movies, musics, daily soaps have become an important part of our lives. Without them a person cannot imagine their life. Isn’t it ? If i say in simple words, a person can’t imagine his/her life without television.  From cable connections people have moved to Setup box.  There are varieties of Set up box available in market. Some of them are costly and some are of not good condition.  Tata sky has always been affordable with shining features. Tata Sky always surprises their customers and now with Tata Sky+ transfer they are making their customers feel proud that they chose Tata Sky.

Won’t it be good,  when you can watch your show wherever you are. You can access live TV. It means if you are outside or travelling you can watch whatever you wish on your smartphones or laptop. The channels that are part of your Tata Sky subscription package can be seen anywhere. Tata Sky consider it as new generation Personal Video Recorder(PVR) box, which is capable ofdelivering1080i HD content and Dol by Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound of audio output.

Another awesome features is there are some episodes you wish to watch again and again. We do not need to worry for it also. The shows can get recorded. Tata Sky+ Transfer has this feature which will make every one wish to purchase this. The another eye catchy feature  of Tata Sky+ Transfer is you can watch the schedules of all the channels of coming four days. One can not only watch the previous day episodes but the previous five days episode with Tata Sky+ Transfer.

One can even connect more than one device with Tata Sky+ Transfer. You need not even worry about its memory.  It can store up to 500GB content in it. It means more than 600+ hours shows you can keep safe with you.  I would surely records daily soaps for my mother and on other device WWE for my younger brother so that the fight get reduced.

While you are watching a single program,  You wish you can delete some scenes.  Tata Sky+ Transfer solves this problem too.  You can pause,  forward the scenes. You can even go back and see the most lovable scene again and again. Tata Sky+ Transfer has come with WIFI Dongle which will let customers enjoy recorded contents on any device without internet data.
The price is around 9000 for new buyers and for old Tata Sky customers the price is less.

So buy Tata Sky+ Transfer now and make everyone happy with its awesome features.  ☺☺


This post is a part of : http://www.tatasky.com/transfer/



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