We humans commit most of the mistakes in our teens. Have you ever wondered why ? The answer is at that time, even a small things attracts us. We wish to try out new things. Now whether it is night out or having our first drink. A first relationship or dating many peoples. Everything happens in this age itself. Everyone faces a heart break during this time. Some chose the path of suicide and some keep themselves locked in rooms.
At this age, we trust our friends more than our parents.

Like all teenagers, I was also the same. I chose the same tuition in which my friend were studying. My parents wished that I must choose Science Stream. Even I wished the same. I always wanted to become doctor. But when I saw that my classmates who scored more than me in my examination were choosing commerce. This broke my confidence on myself. So,  I chose commerce over science.

It is an old saying,  “A wrong decision changes your life.”

The same happened in my life.  I chose commerce but that happened to be the worst decision of life.  I detained in my final examination. It was lack of interest in the field. Even after working so hard,  the results were not in my favour. I lost all hopes. I was at that point of my life,  when I now can’t even choose Science. I did not have interest in commerce earlier so I had no plans for choosing commerce again. So with heavy heart,  my parents suggested me to choose Humanities. I chose that stream. I started taking my studies seriously and with deep interest.

  This time the decision was right,  I worked hard and stood first in my class.  My parents were proud of me. I was happy. But I realized a fact when I was detained I had very few friends by my side. But I had my parents with me even in my bad times.

There happened many incidents in my life when I took some wrong decisions of my life because I was not sure about mine.  I chose those decisions because majority people were with that decision. May be,  I was not matured enough till that time. I discussed about this with many of my friends. One random day, when I upset about my past.

My one of my close friend explained me:
” Do what your heart says, don’t rush where the crowd goes. Choose what your heart is saying even if you are left alone. “

This acted as a #SachchiAdvice to my life. From that I followed that advice and my life became simple.

I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda



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