Who says a person heart only breaks when his/her partner ditches them. A person heart actually breaks when they love a person without any condition and demands. That special person can be anyone may be parents, your children, your partner, your friends, or your siblings.  Due to fear of fights and scolding’s a person avoid sharing everything with their partners or their parents.  A person never hides anything with their best friends. They are like open book to their best friends. A dream of losing your best friend scares you like hell. Isn’t it?

        I am very friendly girl and so I have a large friend circle but on the other hand, I am very emotional person too. Sometimes too small words hurt me. Apart from good qualities, I have some bad one too. Among all, one of them is my anger. I have no control over it. I shiver when I am not able to speak out what I want too. I agree my anger is like boiling milk. It means as quickly my temperature rises, in the same speed my anger cools down.

         Even having many friends, Akshit was my best friend. I never hesitated sharing even my stupid stuff with him. I shared a different bond with him. He was more than a friend to me. He was like my elder brother too me. Even he considered me as his younger sister. I loved him more than I loved anyone else. Sometimes we would talk whole nights even after school. He was the most special person in my life. I feel secured when he was around. After my father, I trusted if any other man in my life he was Akshit. With the passing of years, our bond was growing stronger.   We never had fight between us. I had not even dreamt that a day will come when I won’t have Akshit in my life. I had never imagined even this that a day will come when I have to live without Akshit. Akshit broke my trust.He was just with me because I was a helping hand in his life. I was sad and upset. I would only shed tears. My father very well knew what I was going through.

             One random evening, my father was having coffee with me. He started the conversation.

” How are you ? ” He questioned.

” Fine.” I said, with a fake smile.

” Still disturbed with Akshit matter? ” He asked.

I could sense fear in his voice but I didn’t want to lie.

” Yes dad, he was something more than life to me. If I had real brother, I would have loved him in same manner. I never imagined I would see this some day. ” Before I could complete,I had tears in my eyes. I was not able to speak more.

Beta, everyday doesn’t bring happiness to your life,  some days you need to face sadness and grief too.  The same is with our life and people attached to us.  Someday you have imagined a lot of happiness, but that day sadness knocks your door. You just can’t keep everyone with you with whom you are attached. People changes, emotions changes,  priority changes. You need to accept the truth. Akshit does not even would be talking about you but you shed tears for him day and night. Many children leave their parents at old age homes. Do those parents think that they need to face this day.  When the own blood ditches in present time,  Akshit was just a classmate of yours whom you trusted more than anyone. So accept a truth and live a happy life.  “

   I listened quietly to him and promised myself I would try accepting the truth and lead a happy life. He even said me to forgive him but even after years, I haven’t forgotten him neither forgiven him but yes,  I am leading a happy life accepting the truth.


I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda



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