Falling in love is one of the most exquisite feelings that one can experience in their lifespan. But what if while searching for yourtrue soul mate, you end up having that ‘exquisite feeling’ for three people at the same time. 3 @ a time is the story of Deepankar and his tryst with trust, love, relationship, betrayal and humiliation with 3 girls at the same time along with maintaining his reputation as the wonder boy of his college. Deepankar – Strong, laborious, with a never-say-die attitude while searching for true love ends up in a relation with three girls from his college. Notorious yet dedicated for his deeds at college, Deepankar seeks love from his dream girl who turns out to be homosexual! And then destiny plays its game. And the reason – Girlfriends. But one should never back down and nor did Deepankar, Pooja stood by him in full support. And in the end. It does matter. Will the search for his soul mate be completed after his rendezvous with all the 3 girls? Will Deepankar restore his faith in others or will life throw curve balls at him? Will he be able to maintain his reputation or will be hailed as a onetime wonder? ‘Three at a time’ tells us not to be complacent on our victories and neither be demotivated on our losses.


Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty is an engineering graduate and holds a post-graduate degree in Management from Pune. He currently works at an automobile company based in Muscat, Oman. In his five year old professional career, he has worked with automobile, advertising and entertainment sector. His work has taken him to many parts across the country and abroad. He finds this experience very relevant while giving shape to his stories. Three at a time is his debut literary achievement. Diptendu is currently based in Muscat, Oman. He loves watching movies or reading anything near the sea shores of Muscat when he is not working.
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   3@ATime” is surely a one time read. By reading the title and seeing the cover anyone can guess the plot of the story. But what we guess, is not always correct. We can guess some parts and so from the starting,  I was feeling that the main character Deepankar won’t do justice. He will surely ruin lifes and so he did. But it is truly said we get that what we do. The same happened with Deepankar. Even having one of the best sweetheart ” Naina ” he got in relation with Priya. Oh!  Sorry,  before Priya he had crush on Deepa. This story didn’t end up only with Priya but then in his life he welcomed Ritika and Sonali. Last but not the least he welcomed Pooja too.
A single boy is related to the life’s of so many girls. At the end, I even felt bad for Deepankar because he wanted to say sorry to his closed ones but he didn’t get the chance. Moreover, according to me,  a student pursuing MBA is matured enough and doesn’t play tricks or get trap in these kind of games. Anyways, things are not same withe everyone. It was a simple and nice story. While reading I felt it was someone’s real story by the writing style of the author. The author very well narrated the story.
At the end, the editing and the proof reading of the book was not done properly. The editorial team must take care of it. Talking about the cover, the cover was nice but the font used in the cover was not proper. They could have used simple font.  The plot was nice. 
The author has done a good job on his part.

Rating : 3.5/5

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– Nidhi


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