An inspector in hot pursuit of a murderer, a set of pearls that spell doom and a couple using a new sex toy at inappropriate times leading to comic results make an appearance. So do a renowned jewel thief, a haunted house with a brutal past and a lift operator with the ‘hots’ for a female janitor. Giving them company is a lady who loves her Tea more than her husband, a woman defending herself from a psychopathic killerand a honeymooning couple visiting the haunted forts of Jaisalmer. Read on to know about a dangerous game of life & death involving riddles, a mysterious ghost haunting railway passengers, an escaped convict on the trail of his lost girlfriend and a bespectacled boy who loves ogling at curvy female bodies. A priest from foreign shores will try to exorcise the evil wanderingin the jungle, a young computer whiz will unearth the mystery surrounding the education minister’s assassination and Bheeshma Pitamah will recount the Mahabharata to a news reporter in a never before heard hilarious manner. The stories in this anthology will intrigue you immensely, send a shiver down your spine and tickle your funny bone as well. Carefully selected and immaculately written, this edition of MYRIAD TALES includes an eclectic mix of award winning stories from established and debutant authors alike. Get set for an adrenaline pumping ride!

                     Myriad Tales is an anthology of 32 award winning stories of horror,  comedy and thrillers. Most of the anthologies now a days are based on love and romance or on friendship or women. This was totally a different one. The cover of the book was wonderful. The editor has done a wonderful job. The glitterati signatures of the authors were amazing. I loved this concept.

1.  GUN AND ROSES BY AKASH SHRIVASTAV : The first story of the anthology is a perfect  thriller. While I started reading the story I felt bad for Rajveer but moving towards the end,  I felt really happy  for Rajveer.

2.  PRANK BY NIKHIL UPRETY : It was an outstanding horror.  It was very well described.  The language was also good.  This was the first  horror  story I read.

3.  BATTLE OF WITS BY RAFAA DALVI : I liked this story. The  plot  of the story was nice.  The characters of the story has been very well presented.  The readers will surely have sympathy with Mr. Lingham.

4.  DUPLICITY BY ALEXANDER ALTMAN: The story “Duplicity” was full of revenge.  ( Ok!  Even I believe in taking revenges. 😉 )

5. THE UNWELCOME GUEST BY DR.ROSHAN RADHAKRISHNAN : The story  was very well presented and described. It was a full horror story.

6.  ATARAHBAHAM – MAHABHARATA REMIXED ! : It was a super awesome story. I loved it.An unique and creative one. A great comedy.

7. THE RAVELED MYSTERY BY SAURABH CHAWLA : It was a super awesome story. I enjoyed reading it. The lines sung by the mother were beautiful.

8.  SEAT NUMBER 66 BY VAISAKHI MISHRA : This story was scary.  ( You scared me.  I would truly avoid seeing on seat number 66 while travelling by train.  )

9.  SPECTACLES  IN GOA BY ANIL ANTONY : This story was too funny.  The end was unexpected but the story was full of humour.

10.  THE LADY WHO LOVED TEA TOO MUCH BY RITESH AGARWAL : This story showed how much a person can be addicted towards anything. The title itself reveals the story is about tea and the story shows a lady addiction towards tea.

11.  GEM OF THIEF BY DAVID SINGH: A great effort was put up by the author to make readers laugh.  

12.  THE FACEBOOK GIRL BY DR.VIVEK BANERJEE: This story will teach you a lesson for sure.

13. FUNDAWEAR BY SAURABH MISHRA : This story was full of humour.  This story will even make that person laugh who is in a bad mood.

14.  THE POISON IVY BY PRIYAA TRIPPAYAR SAHASRANAMAN : A story of love and jealousy. A good attempt by the author.

15.THE DEAL BY TAPOBRATA KUMAR : The writer has very well presented the situation of dilemma.  The poetic lines are truly wonderful.

16. 401 WELLINGTON AVENUE BY NABANITA DHAR : The story is full of horror. A perfect one it was, I must say.


17.  THE LOVE STORY BY UPNEET GROVER : This story is a story of one sided love. The mixed emotions were flowing within me while reading this story.

18.  TWISTED FATE BY CHANDRAPAL KHASIYA : This story showed two faces of a single man. A well written story. In today’s time, we can find many people like this.

19. RAPED BY RAVIRAJ RAMAVARAPU:  The author wrote the story in a way mostly girls think or feel nowadays. She had doubt on every man around her.  The end was a bit scary.

20.  THE BLACK PEARLS BY SUFIA KHATOON :  The story all over revolved around the deepest secret of pearl. Few lines can scare anyone.

21. ITS TIME BY ARKA CHAKRABARTI : The story was simple but had deep meaning.  A wonderful job done by the author.

22. THE VENOMOUS VAULT BY AYUSH AGARWAL : The writer has a full plan to scare the readers like me.  Children killing their own mother shocked me completely.

23.  TODAY’S SPECIAL POISON BY UWAIS ZUBAIR SAIT : It was a good read.  A simple one. It even proved how much the culprit is clever,  he/she surely makes some mistakes.

24. 3 AM WHEN REALITY MET ILLUSION BY NEONI D’SOUZA: The story had suspense from the starting and the suspense continued till the last line. To be very honest, I felt bad for Rita as well as Ananya too because a girl breaks when she knows the bitter truth of that person whom she considers as the best man on this planet.

25. PAINT IT RED BY RAHUL MOHAN SHARMA : The story was good. It was a story of pity.

26. THE LETTER BY AYUSH AGARWAL: The story was scary for sure. The author made the readers hooked till the end.

27.  PROJECT PHANTASM BY KOSHA SRIVASTAVA : The starting was well written and the author kept many secrets.  The imagination of the readers will surely differentiate with the author ending.

28.DRISHTI BY PRAVEEN SINHA :  The story was well written and has a great suspense within a single name of a girl who died long back. Even after dying her name had many secrets within it.

29. UNRAVELLING THE NIGHT BY AMOGH SRIVASTAV : Reading at first even I felt it has bomb or a dead body. But the story had something else which made me laugh.

30.  MESSED UP BY SHIPRA JAIN : It has suspense from starting to the end. I prefer thriller but betrayal by best friends can break anyone.

31.  THE FORGERY BY ARKA DATTA : The story teaches us a lesson that hard work do pay.  They never fail.  The story was well described.

32.  HONEYMOON OF THE HAUNTED BY MIHIR SHAH :  The author did not let the interest of the reader die till the end. Even the last line had a suspense in it.

The editor has very well edited the stories. Hardly,  I could find any mistakes.

Some stories were too long but then every story was unique and different.  

I would rate the book : 4.7/5.


– Nidhi


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