1. Writing for you is… ?  

       Writing for me is what makes me feel alive. It’s celebration of life, like love. It’s necessity of life, like breathing. 

2.  You write short stories and poems.  What do you love more? 

             I started my journey as a poet. So poetry is closer to my heart. I somehow believe that poetry is the ultimate form of literature. 

3.  You have written short stories for various anthologies. Which one is close to your heart and why?  

                 I love every story I wrote. Then there’re special reasons too to love every one of them even more. The story that gives me satisfaction as a writer is “She Is Wild’’ from “A Phase – Woman A Tribute.’’ The story that warms my heart every time I see it is “Enigma Unknown” from “The Zest Of Inklings.” It’s the first short story I ever attempted in life.



4.  Tell us about your first book,  “My
Moonlit Pilgrimage?” 

         Released in 2012, “My Moonlit Pilgrimage’’ is my first ever work published. Within the realms of genre romance, the novel discusses about youth experiences like love, ecstasy, betrayal etc. and tries to find the reasons behind them. This quest for reasons has given the story a philosophical tinge, feedbacks say. It was also pointed out that narration is poetic, making the book different from other stories we read in genre of love. Difference was what I wished for, as a beginner.

5.  Being a doctor and a writer how do you manage time? 

        It isn’t always easy, especially because I’m a slow writer and writing is not an easy task for me. I struggle with thoughts and words till I feel them good enough to write down. When I’m seriously into writing, I actually take a break from work. 

6.  Who are your favorite authors? 

           From Shakespeare to Tagore, from O Henry to RK Narayan, from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Jhumpa Lahiri, from Victor Hugo to Arundhati Roy, that’s a long list; of gods and goddesses of literature.

7.  Has any book brought tears in your eyes? 

          It’s a short story that made me cry the most, The Home Coming by Tagore. I was in high school when read it first. 

8. Are you planning to make a blog so that readers can read more works of yours?

        I’ve no such plans for the time being. It may be difficult for me to discover time to update it regularly. 

9.  When is your next book coming?

         I hope to complete the first draft of my second novel very soon. I’m really careful about my work this time. I haven’t signed with any publisher yet. So I can’t say exactly when it would be coming out.

10. Your message for new writers. 

            This is hard. Most of the new writers I meet are concerned about publicity than writing and its quality. They may not understand it if we say it’s quality that actually matters because of a handful of hyped role models who succeeded by their marketing techniques. But such things never last for long. If you want an ever-lasting success, care about the quality of your writing. Be genuine. Be patient. It’s a hard job. Read, learn, write and rewrite.


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Mail – dr.sasiprabha@gmail.com
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– Nidhi


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