1. When did you realise that writing is your passion?

         Well, uh, I guess you just know when you know… I mean, I use to like writing small small quotes or shaayris. But when these Shyris transformed into poetries and then blogging, I myself didn’t realised. Writing poems, short stories and blogging are  the best part of my life and I enjoy doing it passionately.

2. Apart from writing what other things you love to do?

         I love to just lie down on my bed and do nothing. Or go out and enjoy a full day out.

3. Being contributing authors of many anthologies, which anthology is close to your heart and why?

            My contribution in Zest of Inklings named “A Vision of Bliss” is very close to my heart. Because I believe that every author at some or the other stage of his writing career, does write about his/her own life or incidences. In ‘A Vision of Bliss” I have also done the same. That one story I can actually relate to myself. ☺


4. Are you planning to write a novel?
      No Such plans.

5. At what time do you prefer to write?

             Frankly I do not plan and write. I can write anytime and anywhere. It’s just some sudden urge or brain signals which come up with some ideas or line and I just pen it down with the Evernote App on my Mobile. It can be while am travelling, praying, cooking or even can be when I am in washroom 😀 *Laugh*
You won’t believe that I still have around 25-26 poems on my Evernote app which are on pending stage.

6. What do you love writing more? Short stories or poetry?
I enjoy writing poetries more.


7. Who are your favourite authors?
          Preeti Singh, Bhavya Kaushik, Paulo Coelho are my favourite.

8. You fear from….?

            Losing relations or the ones whom I love the most in this world. Because without them I will actually lose my identity. I am a bit of an emotional person ☺

9. Any message for new writers?
       Do not fear anything guys. Just pick up your pen and write whatever comes to you. Anybody can write if I can: D

10. Himanshi Bawa Ooppss!! Hitakshi Bawa Madan in 3-4 lines?

           Hitakshi Bawa Madan. A girl who works on her principles, raising her bars and tries best to achieve those as well. Emotions, relations are her strength as well as her weakness too.  A child at heart but a tough corporate girl of Delhi. ☺ ^_^


Connect with this beautiful, budding author with her words as she shares her ideas with you on almost every social platform like her blog @ http://www.hitakshibawa.com. Join her on Facebook under the name of Hitakshi Bawa and on twitter with the handle @hitakshibawa. Leave a message, discuss your ideas, take her views and be interactive with the multi-talented, enterprising and happening Hitakshi Bawa Madan.

Buy ” The Zest Of Inklings ” from : http://www.amazon.in/The-Zest-of-Inklings/dp/9384180300

– Nidhi


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