Airtel is considered as having one of the best service among all other networks. Airtel does not ditch you even when you are very far from the city in some small village. Airtel has been a good service provider since many years. As the time passed, Airtel has been providing more good services.

Many companies have 2G and 3G but then their services are so poor. Here Airtel 4G comes which challenges to have one of the best network. Not only best but one of the fastest network. I am very much impressed by the advertisement they show on television. Within a minute, the girl using Airtel 4G , downloads everything so fast. Whether it is Honey singh songs or photo uploading or movie download. Everything is done within few minutes.

Airtel 4G is available in many cities and is available for wireless modems to smartphones and to other mobile devices. Airtel 4G is proven one of the best services and if any customer bring another fastest network they would be providing whole life free bills.

Moving towards the other activities, one can download many applications within few seconds. It is easier to mail documents attached with pictures faster with Airtel 4G. Some day, if one wishes to watch a movie at home with Airtel 4G it will be downloaded in few minutes. Whereas,on the other hand with any network 3G it would take long time and till then one would be caught with some work and if talking about 2G ,it would get stopped in middle in any minute. Downloading movies via 2G is just killing your excitement and adding irritation to your behavior.

I prefer buying things only when my mother is with me. I trust her choice more than me. From going to market I started preferring online shopping. With 2G or 3G networks it would take hours to download one particular application and then products images would not get download. My mother would scold me for wasting her time. Now with Airtel 4G , my this problem will also get solved. I no more need to worry and show the items when my mother wants to see it.

I love Music a lot. Without music, I can’t spend a day. While writing notes, I need music. While dusting I need music. While travelling, I need music. In short, music is my weakness. And then when some of my favorites ones I wish to download them as soon as possible and this poor internet doesn’t let me. With Airtel 4G I can download maximum songs in minimum time.

Last but not the least,updating applications in a month is too hectic. And if not updated they don’t work properly sometimes. I still remember using 2G , when i used to wake up at 2am or 3am to study at that time I would keep apps to get updated. In short,2G or 3G works when most of the people are asleep. During daytime it make you irritate.

” Life will be easy with Airtel 4G. “

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– Nidhi


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