When a child is not born from that time , parents starts realising their responsibilities. They start loving that child. They start imagining him/her. They start guessing names. They start thinking what would they make their child when they grow up. The father too loves his child but a mother is physically ,mentally and emotionally more attached to her child. She keep her child nine months in her body. She start loving him from that time. Before the child is born , she start taking care of him/her. She avoids eating junk foods , listening to loud music. She even avoid using much mobile phones. We can just imagine that how much a mother can be attached after his/ her birth. Before birth when she takes so much precautions , it is sure after birth she would double the precautions.

Being a mother is one of the most responsibility position for a woman’s life. I still remember my mother telling me stories of my birth. She said she was scared when in village anyone would come from outside to see him. Before touching me, they even would not even wash their hands and would take me in their arms. Due to dirt, sometimes I would suffer from itching and I would get irritated. She was so much confused. People came and gave many advices. Some gave some random oils or some cosmetic products. She was so much protective for me that she did not try anyone. She could fear the consequences. One day a couple from my father’s office came. The lady with the toy brought ” Dabur Baby Massage Oil. “ 

My mother was surprised to see this oil. She asked her about the oil when she told that this oil is very useful. Even with close eyes you can trust this oil. This oil is a mixture of Almonds oil and Olive oil. Both the oils are rich in vitamins. It nourished the body. Even the massage makes the bones and muscles strong of a newborn baby. With great hopes , my mother used ” Dabur Oil ” on me. The massage with this oil proved to me fruitful. Massages even reduces many problems such as indigestion , breathing problems and improves blood circulation Massage even moisturizes the body and in winters the skin doesn’t remain dry. In addition, massages makes the body healthy and fit. It relaxes the child. The child get good sleep and feel fresh.

” Dabur Baby Massage Oil ” can be used by all her mother’s on her newborn child.

“I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur“.

– Nidhi


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