A newborn baby’s skin is delicate. It is difficult to take care of a baby’s skin. The skin of a newborn baby is too soft and sensitive. With great precautions a new born baby is to be taken care of. Not only the skin but the bones and muscles should also be taken care of. There are many oils and lotions of different companies available in the market. Some people go and purchase any of those and then the result is their child suffers. He/She may suffer from rashes and they get irritated. They keep on crying as they can’t speak what actually they are going through. Among many products, there is one product which is trustworthy. One can use ” Dabur Oil ” without any worry.

” Dabur Oil ” is an ayurvedic oil and it consist of almond oil and olive oil. The mixture of both the oils proves to be a good oil for the child. It is necessary to massage daily. After massage do bath the child. If a child’s muscles and skin care is taken from the very first day he/she is born , the child will be strong and healthy when he/she grows up. ” Dabur Baby Massage Oil ” is made up of natural ingredients. It not only develops the muscles but also the brain of the child. It is not at all harmful. Paraffin and Parabens which are harmful ingredients are present in most of the product but then Dabur Oil is surely safe. It does not has any chemicals in it. Almonds present in the oil is good for skin. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E. Not only Vitamin E, but also in B2 and B6. Olive oil are rich in Vitamin E and K and it makes the skin soft. This even moisturize their skin specially in winters when the skin become dry.

A good massage results in a good sleep. They sleep for hours. Massaging your child makes a good bonding of yours with your child. While massaging special care should be taken. After massage ,bath the child. Gently massage the hands, legs , back , stomach , neck and head. While massaging either lay them on a cotton bedsheet or on your legs. ” Dabur oil ” is like a healthy nourishment to the child. The child doesn’t suffer from breathing problems or indigestion. They help in the formation of muscles of body. It reduces itching. It is a pure oil.

A mother can be stress free for her child if she massages her child with ” Dabur Baby Massage Oil. ”

“I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur“.

– Nidhi


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