Balanced Diet is necessary for every human body. Having a balanced diet gives body nutrition and it helps the body to function in a proper manner. Balanced diet depends on gender and age too. People today are so busy in their lives that they don’t take care of their diet and health.

Many people who are overweight prefer crash diet rather than balanced diet. Crash diet makes the body weak and tired. On the other hand, balanced diet makes the body healthy. Balanced diet includes proteins , vitamins , minerals , fats and carbohydrates. If a person have balanced diet he/she will be free from diseases. Today’s kid prefer junk foods more which is totally unhealthy. One can get balance diet from fruits and vegetables. Eating fresh fruits and green vegetables such as peas, beans and spinach will give proper nutrition to your body. If one consumes a glass of hot water with a teaspoon of Dabur Honey mixed in it. This will surely help to reduce weight in a proper way. Not only this help in reducing weight but this also prevents you from many life taking diseases such as some of the cancers and heart diseases.

Rather than consuming sugar which only result in increase of fight one can use honey. It is a good substitute for sugar. Honey is also useful when a person suffers from cold and cough. Rather than just eating boiled foods one can have a bowl of fruits mixed with Honey. Avoid having fruits at night as fruits sucrose directly gets converted into sugar due to less activity of body. One must also avoid carbohydrates after sunset. Rather than eating full stomach at one time, eat 4-5 times small meals. One must avoid dairy products to reduce fats.
While preparing tea,coffee, milk shake or mango shakes do not mix sugar to it. Mix honey to it. The taste will be same and it will be healthy diet. Crash diet are dangerous and it gives negative results too. People who skip breakfast thinking that they will lose weight end up eating double during lunch. One must have proteins and cereals in their breakfast. One must drink at least 14-15 glass of water per day.One must take light food in dinner. Before workout carbohydrates are must and after workout proteins are must. People must avoid juice and eat fresh fruits. Green tea is also useful.

Having a balanced diet is necessary. Honey is useful as honey has less calories in it. Not only less calories but it also includes antioxidants , vitamins and minerals in it. HONEY DIET is simply awesome. With this honey diet and a bit of exercises, healthy food one can always loose weight and have a good healthy body.

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– Nidhi


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