The craze of cricket is not only in India but it is all over the world. Cricket is like life to people. Let it be T20 or IPL or World Cup, no one want to miss even a single ball. The real craze for cricket is seen during World Cup. Cricket is not only between two teams consisting of eleven players but is it a match between two nations consisting of so many people. Everyone is just  excited about the sixes and fours of their players and scores of the match. One can miss their favourite shows in front of a cricket match. I have even witnessed  people standing on shops and watching match. This is what we can call the real cricket craze.

Everyone loves cricket in my house. My grandfather not only watched India’s match but he also watched match  between two other countries too.I hardly used to sit with my family to watch match. I could never miss out my school and tuition and so i only used to come back home by 7 in the evening. My family members thought that I had no love for cricket but even I loved cricket a lot. While travelling I used to see all the live videos on UC CRICKET. The quality of video was good and even I could save videos too. There was less consumption of data too.

When I could not see videos, at that time Cricket Live Score would work. I would get every minute update about scores.

UC BROWSER, SURF IT ALL ! SURF IT FAST ! was just so amazing.

One day when I returned home , I saw my grandparents fighting. My grandmother was complaining that every second day some country match is there and when would she see her serials. She also don’t want to miss her Simar and Gopi.

On the other hand, my grandfather was telling how much important is cricket. It is so much fun and better than those boring serials.

” Buy a new television for me. ” My grandmother shouted.
” I can’t afford. ” My grandfather shouted back.
” I have a solution but please both of you stop fighting. ” I said.
Both of them started staring me with wide eyes.

I took out my mobile opened UC CRICKET and made my grandfather watched live videos on it. My grandfather was happy to see that he could watch the match whenever he wished. I even taught him to save them. Now there was no dispute in the house. He now even teased everyone that they need to rely on electricity for watching their shows whereas he only needed a smartphone with an outstanding app. He started saving videos so that I can see them later on.  Thanks to UC BROWSER. It has amazing features in it which can make not only cricket fans smile but anyone who uses this application will smile for sure. 🙂

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– Nidhi


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