As the time changes people mentality changes. They think different. They start adpoting the new things in their life. There was a time when girls did not even sit with their father. They would hardly talk to him. They never watched television with him. Gone are those days now. Time has changed. Today children not only have lunch and dinner with their parents but they even go out for movies with them. Parents today have accepted the fact that the best way to treat your child is to become his/her friend. Scolding won’t do much change in the child. Even the childrens of today prefer listening to parents who talk politely rather than the parents who shout.

I was so scared of my father when i was small. With the passing of time, I realised that he just shout for fun sometimes. Hardly, he would get angry seriously.  The same was with my mother. The only difference between the two was my mother would continuously scold everyday but my dad would scold sometimes. His scolding would affect me. His words keep on moving in my heads everyday. I had a habit of keeping things here and there. After listening songs leaving the earphones on bed. Any paper i would keep anywhere. My mother had given me a folder to keep all my important documents in this folder but I never did. I was careless. She used to scold me everyday. A day before examination, I brought my admit card from school. I did not had time to tell this to my mother so I kept it one of the notebook and left the house for tuition.  At night i was studying and slept.

Next morning when I woke up. I had Kellogg’s Chocos in breakfast. When i was checking my bag I did not find my admit card. I started asking my parents. My mother again started scolding me. I said i am sure that i kept it here. We found everywhere. I started crying. My father rushed to my brother school to check if I have kept it there. I with my mother started searching the whole home. When my father came back he had admit card with him. I was happy. He said he got it in brother’s notebook. They wished me luck and made me eat curd sugar and I left the home. My examination also went well. I was happy. At evening when we were having coffee, my father asked about my examination. We had a normal chat about random stuffs.

After a while he said if I would not had been here in the morning, your mind would never struck that may be it went with your brother. Your examination could be missed. I was quiet.
” I am not scolding you beta. I am trying to make you understand the importance of keeping things at place. Your mother says you everyday but you never changed. Everytime in life you won’t be having us with you. You would go another city for higher education. We won’t be  there for helping you. It just take a minute to keep the things on its place. ” My father said.

In heart I knew that he was speaking every word correct. I promised him that I would take care from today. My mother did not believed her eyes when next morning she saw me arranging my books and important papers properly. 

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– Nidhi


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