“Challenges in life are to determine how strong you are,” says a 20 year old, poet, writer, singer, radio jockey, and now known as an IJ- Inspiring Journalist!!


Being a person of unique perspectives always made her stand out in the crowd. In her childhood, she would be surrounded by her thoughts rather than friends or people.

Her upbringing was imbibed with values from her mother and spirituality from her father. She is and has always been her ‘father’s princess’.

The doors to poetry opened for when she was just 12 years. She being a silent child would have many hidden emotions in her heart and that made her write them out in blue and white. And she started writing poetry. Although that words wouldn’t entertain any reader, but it gave her heart a relief.

She found her love for words and started learning new ones day by day along with learning words that rhyme. Her poetry remained intact with her, never letting anyone know of it. Her thoughts would travel a million miles in just seconds. She was born to be a dreamer.

Being a very active girl she participated in competitions like elocution, debate, essay writing, painting and also took up leadership for events of cleanliness. Similar is her college life. She is among the most active students in the college. Known and loved by all the teachers.

At college, Anita met a professor who is an established Sindhi poet. She then became Anita’s mentor and taught her to write in Sindhi language. She would listen to Anita and her perspectives of life and would help clear her visions over things of this real world. Anita likes spending most of her time at college with her mentor.

By the end of 2012, Anita was not just writing poetry in English, but had also started writing poetry, short stories and screenplays in Sindhi. She got a chance to show her talent of her voice on All India Radio where she would teach Sindhi language in order to save the language from abolishing along with her mentor’s guidance and God’s blessings.

“I feel really blessed to have parents, friends and mentors who always encourage me and strengthen me to do things am able to,” says Anita.

Her two screenplays written in Sindhi language have been loved a lot by critics and other very great authors of Sindhi Literature. They are:Intezaar’ (The Wait) and ‘Mukhe ek Natak Likhno Aahe'(I wish to write a screenplay). Also, ‘Intezaar’ was performed on AIR (All India Radio) Bhuj, by various artists along with Anita and the same was published into a yearly magazine at her college.

She has continued to contribute her writings to her mother tongue. Along with which, she has always tried to improve her English writings. While all this time she didn’t miss any opportunity to showcase the poetess in her, and got any of her articles and poems published in various newspapers and magazines. She has woven a dream from when she turned 17, that a book gets penned in her name. “Your hard work and dedication will never go in vain,” she says with a smile. She has worked on her dreams to come to reality and with the book- “SSAAZZ- The Melody of Life”, she feels he has received the gift for her dedication. Being on board with four very talented and amazing poets, she finds herself blessed. “The book launch moment was a pure Rocket Science of my life,” she laughs.


Recently she received the National Record for being “India’s Youngest Journalist” for her advanced feat of covering more than 200 interviews in a span of a year. She having finished her graduation in 2015 with her mother Mrs Poonam Tejwani also received the National Record for “Mother Daughter Graduated Together” for being the only pair of mother-daughter of India who graduated from the same college in the same year.

Today Ms Anita who is merely 20 years old writes in Sindhi, Hindi and English along with presently being the Business Development Officer for Mukunda Foods Pvt Ltd which has patented the world’s only automatic dosa making machine named DosaMatic which has been successful in serving a dosa in one minute and vanishing your hunger !

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– Nidhi



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