Holi brings joy , happiness and fun all around. The festival of color makes the whole atmosphere colorful. But then some color causes trouble. Some of the colors react. The skin get harmed. People suffer from rashes, redness and itching. Hairs can become dry. It is wisely said that , ” Prevention is better than cure. “ Sometimes people when suffers then realises that if they had taken precautions earlier it would not had happened. The same is with holi colours.

There are some tips to be followed before as well as after playing Holi.


1. Apply a great amount of mustard oil or coconut oil before playing Holi all over your body. This will surely help you. Apply the oil on your face , hands , leg as well as on hairs. Do not forget earlobes.

2. If you avoid using oil, apply lotion. No color will then get stick to your skin.

3. Sunscreen are the greatest savers. You can protect your skin by applying a good quality sunscreen. Contact lens should be.avoided. This can cause irritation.

4.  Drink a lot of water before stepping out. Sometimes color dehydrates your skin.

5. Waxing and threading of hands, legs, upper lips should be avoided.

6. Apply bright color nail paints so that nails does not get affected.

7. Apply Vaseline on your lips.

8. Wear full sleeves clothes.

9. Apply aloe Vera gel before playing.

10. Do not leave your hairs open.

While playing Holi if color get in your eyes, rinse it with cold water immediately. Do not rub your eyes. Washing your eyes many with cold water will be helpful.


1. When colors are being washed, put some rose water in your eyes and take rest.

2. Soak multani mitti an hour before you got for bath. Apply it wherever colours are there. Dry this pack for sometimes and then wash it off. This will be helpful in removing colors.

3. Mix half bowl curd with two tea spoon lemon juice and then bath with normal water or little warm water.

4. After bathing apply cream.

5. Mix gram flour, oil and milk cream in rose water. When the paste becomes thick apply it on face, hands and in every open area. Let the pack dry and then remove it by rubbing. The colours will get vanished.

6. Never rub hard on a single place for removing color.

7. While washing hairs apply curd on it. After half an hour wash it with a good shampoo.

8. Kerosene oil must be totally avoided. If color are not at all ready to go then dip a cloth to kerosene oil and rub gently where the colors have left their mark.

These small home remedies work a lot but it should be applied on time.

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– Nidhi


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