Money is needed at every step of one’s life. Without money a person cannot do anything. To save money itself is a big challenge. Everyone cannot save money. Thanks to Reward me , a site by P&G which helped me a lot. They share some tips which really helped me. I learnt that we can save money and we won’t even realise that we are cutting down something from our life. If we start cutting something from here and there we can save a good amount.


1. We must plan our menu and should only purchase what is needed. This will result in less spending and we won’t go out for eating.

2. We must purchase fresh products and should freeze what we can.

3. Sometimes we can save 50% by buying old breads. These doesn’t get damage or expire in a day.

4. We can always prepare our own bread. It will even smell nice and taste more yummy.

5. Stop purchasing the things you don’t need.

6. Always keep discount coupons with you. These are very helpful.


1. While using eye drop , one drop per eye is sufficient. If use more it is only wastage of money.

2. When your shampoo , face wash , conditioners are about to get finish pour some water into it and so you can use it to last drop.

3. High quality soaps and hygiene products last longer.

4. Avoid manicure and pedicure. Try using almonds oil and massage your feets and hands before going to bed at night.


1. Avoid buying things that are not only sale.

2. Garbage sales are useful. You can always find amazing stock.

3. Never buy things that you don’t need just because the prices are low.

4. Recycling things are always useful. If pants get short , cut it and make them shorts.

5. Sharing is a good act. Take the clothes of your elders ones and use them and give your own clothes to your youngsters.


1. A landline is not at all necessary. We hardly make calls from them

2. Tell your cable operator that you only need internet. Trust me in a week or two the cable operator will give you huge discount.

3. Prefer using energy efficient bulbs and when not needed switch off the lights and fans.

4. Rather than drying clothes in the machine hang them over rope or hangers.If you dry clothes because you do not want to iron them, then dry it for ten minutes and then hang them.

These small steps from Reward me helped me a lot and one can save lot of money in one year.

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”

– Nidhi


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