Fathers are someone of whom mostly child are scare off. Their personality is so strict. They are the ones because of whom discipline is maintained at house. If we go out with friends we always wish to enter the house before dad reaches home from office. The same was my father like mostly fathers. He did not scold me much but still deep in my heart his fear always surrounded me. I was good in studies. My parents would never have got complain for my studies. They loved me. But then a day came when I had to leave my school and had to take admission in new school. I was scared thinking about new school and new people.  I reached my new school. My father had dropped me to school. I bid him a bye and he hugged me saying everything will be fine. With this hope with small steps I reached to my classroom. What I have imagined about new school, people were there totally opposite of it. They even smiled seeing me. I quietly sat on the first bench. I could not make any friends there. Students there started making fun of my dark complexion. I was sad. I didn’t share this with anyone. I started taking leave from school frequently. I got distracted from studies. I used to cry alone. It was a day of final examination. I went to appear in those exams but I knew I had not studied much. The result day came and I went to take result with my dad. I detained. My father was shocked. He had tears in his eyes but he controlled. He did not even say me anything. I thought he would get very angry as we reach home. He did not talk to me for two to three days. I was helpless. My mother used to scold me sometimes. One day he called me to his room.

“As you have to repeat the class, will you repeat with same stream or you will change the stream?” My father questioned.
“I want to change my school.”  I said.
They had got an unexpected answer. They started asking me the reason and when they asked several times I could not stop myself. I cried in front of them. I shared with them the humiliation I faced in whole one year. My parents had tears in their eyes. They could feel my pain. My father was feeling guilty for not talking to me since three days. When I left the room I heard my dad saying to my mother, “So much my princess had to suffer; I only wanted her to get admitted in that school. She faced everything because of me.”

I returned to him and hugged him. At that time no words would have given relief to him.

Sometimes gifts, words or etc. do not give relief to him. A small hug can do the magic.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

– Nidhi


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