Kitty parties are the ones which every lady loves. They love to attend those parties as they enjoy them. Some love them as there only they can show their new dresses or jwellery. My aunt has also arranged a kitty party at her home. The party was only for the society members but as we lived near to her society she told my mother and me to come to her place in the morning itself. My aunt had a large joint family and so we knew she would need our help. We reached her home at sharp 9 am. She told us the whole menu and told my mother to help her in cooking. She told me and her daughter Riya to decorate the house. As soon as I enterned the drawing room the bad smell hit my nose. I first decided to clean the drawing and dining room. The bad smell always makes a bad impact.

Firstly I sprinkled baking soda over carpet. I told my sister to bring vanilla – scented cotton balls and I dropped them to my vacuum cleaner bag. The scent filled the room as we vacuumed. While cooking food I had already told my mother to switch on the exhaust fan. We decorated the whole rooms with ribbons and ballons. We even decorated the centre table. On side table we had placed artifical flowers and to make them good smell I saturated a cotton ball with my favorite perfume and dropped it into the vase. We switched on the fans one hour before the ladies would arrive. We sprayed AMBI PUR in the whole house. In so less time we couldn’t clean rest of the rooms so to get rid of smell fast we placed two incense sticks in each room and then sprayed Ambi Pur in the rooms. The time finally arrived when the ladies would arrive. As soon as the ladies came they were attracted towards decorations and the good smell. Many of them asked my aunt that which room freshner they use. Some started complaining about their room freshners. Some said they room freshener’s works but after an hour or two the condition is same. My aunt then suggested all of them to use Ambi Pur as it is the best room freshner till date she had experienced. All the ladies gossiped and had dinner and went to their homes. My aunt thanked me to which I replied don’t thank me say thank you Ambi Pur. After a month my aunt called and shared her experience of next kitty party. She said all the ladies were pretty happy with the use of Ambi Pur.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

– Nidhi


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