Parents are the one who are as important to a child’s life as oxygen is to human being. People say a child is close to his/her mother but I strongly feel a child can never differentiate between their father and mother. Both are too special in a child life. I do remember still my grandparents telling me the story of my birth. The doctors had said my mother operation would take place after ten days. My father was being called by his company boss everyday due to an emergency work. Everyone in the family told him to go as they still have ten days. With heavy heart and tears in his eyes he left for Jamshedpur. The very next day when my father reached Jamshedpur and on the third day in afternoon my mother started having terrible pain. She was not able to bear the pain. The family members took her to hospital when the doctor said that the operation has to be done today itself. Everyone was worried to listen to this. My mother was also not ready but they had no choice left. My grandfather called my father and told him the situation of here. My father told to do the operation now and he would try to reach by the third day. The same in the evening , I was born at 6:55 pm. Wednesday was the day. My father was called in the evening. He was happy to listen to be blessed with a daughter. He distributed sweets in the whole society and even to the whole office staffs. He took the permission and reach to us by Friday. It was difficult for him to not see his daughter. At that time no whatsapp no facebook survived. Hardly any people could have a landline phone. My father hugged me. His happy tears drops fell on me. It has been nineteen years to this incident but for my father it seems that this happened yesterday only.  The only difference between mother and father is mother do express her feelings but father never share his feelings with anyone. He will cry in heart but he doesn’t want his child to feel guilty of his act. Man does feel pain. They too get hurt but they stay silent. Our father doesn’t want costly gifts from us. Even if we become good engineers, doctors or IPS Officers they will only be proud of us. They will never want a penny from our salary. They will always need our love. They will wish that we sit and talk to them. A father needs a hug from his childrens. A hug is as special to him as a toy is special to a two year old kids or barby dolls are special to the six seven old years girl.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

– Nidhi


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