My parents always love cleanness around them. They have a habit to live in a clean atmosphere. Being their daughter, since my childhood I was also taught how to keep things clean, how to clean house and stay in a fresh atmosphere.  I had always tried to keep things on their place and whenever I would found some dirt around I would clean them as soon as possible. It has been long time we shifted to Delhi. We didn’t go to our village from past many years. Once one of our relative called us that he has some works in Delhi and he would stay in our house with his family for next ten days. We were very happy that after a long time we will meet someone from our village. We cleaned one of our rooms and made all the preparations. They had to reach our home in afternoon. My mother prepared lunch before they came. She switched on exhaust fan while preparing food so that the smell doesn’t disturb anyone. We opened all the window of the house and then when the sun rays was falling in the room we closed the windows and doors and sprayed AMBI PUR in the whole house. The guests arrived. We told them to go and get fresh till then we would serve lunch. All of them came on dining table. Rather than eating from spoon they started eating from hands. We digested this fact because there was a time when we also used to eat by hands. In evening when I went to their room to serve tea. The room smelled bad.  I looked around and did not find anything. I left their room. At night when mom served them mangoes they said that they would have it after dinner in their room. They took the plate to their room. Next morning when I went to their room to clean the room the room smelled worse. I was amazed to see them sitting relaxed. I was wondering aren’t they troubled by this smell. I told my mother to come and help me out.  We told our guest to go and sit in the drawing room. My mother temper was rising seeing so much dirt. We started with washroom. My mother told me to bring vinegar. She poured a cup of vinegar in the toilet bowl and surface of bathroom and left for 5-10 minutes. After that she scrubbed and washed it off properly. The mango peels were still lying in the room. We threw them out and then we took equal amount of vinegar and water and poured it in a spray bottle and sprits around the whole room. Last but not the least after cleaning everything we sprayed Ambi Pur again in washroom and bedroom so that we can stay in the house. We continued these tips for next ten days and I by heart thanked Ambi Pur as because of that we could stay at our house. 

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

– Nidhi


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