I just returned from college to my home. The day was not good for me. I had a fight with one of my classmate. I had completed my assignments till waking up late night but in a hurry I forgot the file at my study table. I tried my best to convince to my teacher but she was not ready to listen to me and kicked me out of class. A complete worst day package I had today. I kept my bag and my mobile beeped.

” Baby, where  are you giving me your birthday party ? ” Swati, my best friend message came.
” Don’t know.” I texted back.
Being my best friend she could guess by my way of talking my mood.
” So you are not in a good mood. Don’t lie to me because if you were normal you would have messaged that first tell me what are you gifting me. But the answer don’t know depicts that you are sad. ” Swati messaged.
I was wondering how closely she understand me and again a message came.

This time  it was link to a video and a message with it do watch it right now. I opened the link and was happy to hear Anushka Manchanda voice and to see Allu Arjun moves. The video was about to finish when another message of Swati came. Just imagine on your birthday you dancing with Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda singing. A wide smile covered my face and I headed towards my imaginary land. Anushka Manchanda singing a song in her sweetest voice and Allu Arjun dancing with me. I am trying my best to match up my steps with him. With each moves my heart beats was increasing. He had surely taken away my heart.  The voice of Anushka has made everyone her lover. People were hooting , trying to sing along with her. As she started singing ” DUM MAARO DUM ” my friends started hooting more.

Dancing with Allu Arjun was something I had always dreamt off. He is a great dancer and a man every girl dreams off. I was lost in my dreams when again my phone beeped with Swati message. I returned back to my world.

” This imagination was so wonderful and I so loved it. Wish this was true. ” I messaged Swati.

My mood got fresh and I was happy from that time and I played songs of Anushka and started dancing alone imaging Allu Arjun with me.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?

– Nidhi


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