From the day I was born, my parents brought me up with so much love. They always cared for me. They never said me ” No “. Whatever I wished for was in front of me if they  could afford that item. They never wanted me to become a spoilt girl so from the first beginning they started teaching me manners , value of things and relations etc. etc.

When I was 10 years old I saw my cousin planning her mom and dad 25th anniversary party. I was curious to know why 25th anniversary is special. She explained that every anniversary is special but 25th anniversary is considered as Silver Jubilee. I was happy to be a helping hand in my uncle aunty anniversary but I was even excited to plan my parents 25th anniversary. I asked my parents after returning home that when will your 25th anniversary come. They smiled and said the day you will be 23 years old.
I decided to save money from that day itself. Whatever money I got, I started keeping them inside my piggy bank. Years passed by. I completed my graduation as well as post – graduation. It was the time for me to apply for the job. I had done enough preparation of banking and so I had many hopes with that job. Surprisingly, I cleared Bank Probationary Officer examination and even passed the interview. It was January when i joined my job. I knew i would earn Rs. 1 lakh 20 thousands before 23rd May i.e my parents anniversary. On 15th May I broke my piggy bank. I had saved Rs. 70 thousands in it in all these 13 years. I was happy that I had enough money now. I was dancing to think the celebration and happiness.

I wanted the day to become memorable. I wanted something different in it. I have always seen Anushka Manchanda one of my parents favourites. I have seen them listening her songs often. Even I loved her voice. What if I invite Anushka Manchanda and my dream man Allu Arjun to my parents anniversary. That imagination was giving me so much happiness. I was witnessing Anushka singing in front of my eyes and Allu Arjun dancing with me and wishing my parents a happy anniversary with steps. I was on cloud nine. The happiness on my parents face was clearly visible and the guest was enjoying too. I was so much lost in all this when my mother patted my shoulder ” What are you thinking ? “

Oh ! Nothing Maa.. ” I said and went to call my brother telling him about my plan and imagination.
After the call disconnected i again went in deep thought.

” Wish it was not an imagination but reality. The very thought of it was giving happiness , relief and it was quite pleasing. If this turns to reality I don’t know how would I react. “

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?

– Nidhi


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