I got this book from Harlequin as a prize.. ! 🙂


The only magical thing missing from her life… happened to her sister!

His idea of romance is that it is
unnecessary.Tia was in love with her career and her
lifestyle in America. And she was madly in love with Hari.
But where was the romance she craved?
Simi was the young girl left behind in a small town in
India who hadn’t seen her sister for years. She was a
dreamer. But what did she really want out of life?
And then there was Hari. Straight-forward and
uncomplicated, it felt like nothing he did was ever good
enough for Tia. But didn’t every man want an ambitious
and successful wife no matter how demanding they
Theirs was a love story that
was never going to be
conventional. But what
happened to Hari and Tia
was something that nobody would have predicted.
Mix two sisters with bad history between them and one
clueless man, to form one whacky triangle, and you get a
cautionary lesson in how you should be careful of what
you wish for in the name of love?
Set in Los Angeles and Nagpur, India, ‘When Hari Met His
Saali’ is a funny, fresh, and outrageous look at young
people and their dreams, longings, aches and
heartbreaks. It is a fascinating take on the grand idea
of love and the reality of romance. In a breezy, humorous
narrative anchored around a magical twist, the story of
Tia, Simi and Hari unfolds from romantic comedy into a
climax full of suspense.


After completing the prerequisite engineering degree, when Harsh Warrdhan left Nagpur for Los Angeles to study filmmaking, he was expected to win awards and recognition. Instead, he came back with life experiences.. or so he has been saying.

After graduating from Columbia College, Harsh took up screenwriting as a strategic career move, mostly because it was the cheapest. Of course, no one told him that screenwriting is the least glamorous of them all. On set, they let security guards eat before the writers.   And that’s if you were a good writer.

Thankfully, he took the advice ” Don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your life ” quite literally and decided to make writing as his career. The worldly exposure , the appreciation of diverse cultures, the eclectic interactions with young dreamers who land in America/Hollywood has only made him a richer writer. And we all know writers without richer experiences are boring. It’s all about perceptions.

And perceptions were stacked against him. They said he has an Indian accent ( least attractive , most funny ) when in Hollywood. Now that he is back in Bollywood, people complain that he doesn’t have an American accent. You see, in Bollywood, even when you go to the international airport to drop off guests, you’re expected to come back with an accent.

But with strong motivation to prove to himself that the decision to leave behind the lucrative engineering career was the right one, Harsh has written and directed an American film, has written screenplays for films and TV, and has also managed to convince a hot fiction writer to marry him. They’re awaiting their baby… his next film. Accents be damned, with his first novel ‘ When Hari Met His Saali ‘ , Harsh is trying to say ‘ ha ha ha ‘ to them. Even though currently Harsh is in an eccentric and reclusive writer mode, he can be conveniently found at http://www.harshoo.com and http://facebook.com/harsh.warrdhan



As soon as I open up the book there is a message for all the readers from Harsh Warrdhan is that If you are not getting enough entertainment in your life, perhaps you are not reading enough books. This can attract anyone. Hari is a funny character in the book. Guys like Hari do exist in this world. The love of Tia and Simi ( two sisters ) are very well portrayed. Tia is well educated and she even works. She mostly act childish but sometimes she do act maturely too. The trivia in the mid of the novel are funny too and to some extend in heart you will agree with most of them.  Simi lived in Nagpur and she had just came for the engagement ceremony of her elder sister Tia. Tia always wanted everything perfect and due to this what she planned for her engagement dress did not matched with Hari. The twist and turn started happening as Simi came to Los Angeles. The only mistake Tia did in excitement was to invite Mr. Xavier in her engagement ceremony. The same day Hari fell in love with Simi.

Now to know , Who was Mr. Xavier ?

How on his engagement day he fell in love with her sister – in – law ?

Finally to whom Hari got married ?

Till the last page suspense is created. Your excitement level won’t get down till you reach to the last page. A perfect book , I must day. An enjoyable read.

I rate the book : 4/5..
Order the book from : http://www.amazon.in/When-Saali-Harlequin-General-Fiction/dp/9351064492

– Nidhi


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