Applications are a part of everyone’s life. Mostly people owes a smartphone and has many applications in it. I had so many works to do, from completing assignments to go to college and helping my mother at home. My father had to go early in the morning to office and would return late at night. In our busy schedule we missed recharing , paying the bills and go for shopping. A big thank you to my friend from whom I came to know about MY AIRTEL APP.

My Airtel App is Bharti Airtel’s official service app. Even in late night I can easily recharge my mobile of I am running out of balance. By this application life has become easier. Paying bills are no more considered as a hectic work for me. No more I need to stand in a long queues. This app has many awesome features but the best three features I found are :

1. SHAKE AND GET : Isn’t it surprising that you shake your phone and you get to know available offers on your mobile. It was tiring to check what offers does your number has before every recharge.  MY AIRTEL APP has made this possible.  No need to check anymore.  SHAKE your phone and you will get variety of exciting offers. You get full talktime to cash back on this app.

2. FREE COUPONS : Who doesn’t love free things?  Everyone does.  Just recharge with whatever amount you wish for and get a free coupons of anything such as Flipkart,  EBay,  Pizza Hut,  Cafe Coffee Day,  PVR Cinemas,  VLCC etc. Now by selecting shopping vouchers, I can do recharging and shopping with one app. 

3.  SAVED CARDS : This is one of the best feature and time saviour feature in the application. If you are outside and you haven’t carried your card you need not to worry.  You can select the option of Saved Card to pay and the recharge or the payment is done.  With this feature,  with every recharge you don’t need to type card number and CVV number again and again.

Apart from all these features the application has many other good features.  The app includes a feature of notification reminder. This notification reminder reminds of when is your bill due date,  when your phone balance is low,  when the offer of your mobile is about to finish. The app secures all our recharge and payment transactions with PCI-DSS. I Want to is one of the time saving feature in the app.  You can even buy a new product of Airtel with My Airtel App. With this app you can even Wynk. The app even. ask for your birthday and has something special for that day. The app even keeps the record of your data usage and keep alerting us time to time.

So what are you waiting for ? Download MY AIRTEL APP and make your life an easy one.

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– Nidhi


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