” इंसान कितना भी बङा हो जाए,
            पर जब वह तकलीफ में होता,
            तो पहला शब्द माँ ही कहता। ”

Mother is the only one who feels her child before he or she is born. She is the only one who can feel what her child is feeling. She understands her child’s silence. She can read your eyes. Like every child is special for a mother and every mother is a superwoman for the child. The same connection lies between my mother and me. I feel so much protected when she is with me. She taught me how to stand. She taught me how to speak. She taught me what life is. She taught me what love is. Sometimes she saves me from my father’s scolding. I do remember when in childhood by mistake a part of a refrigerator was broken by me. I was crying. I knew how much my father would scold me. At that time I was not so small and so my mother took all the blame on her and saved me.


Mostly girls are close to their father but then she has an inner connection with her mother too. I was scared of darkness but my mother helped me overcome that.  My mother taught me what kindness is. She  explained me why we should help others. She taught me how much family is important to a person.  I am sure if she didn’t taught me all this, I wouldn’t even know how to respect elders. Although my father couldn’t afford tuitions for me, she was the one who sacrificed her happiness for my studies. She was a bit scared  with the atmosphere of Delhi. As I was small, she used to sit too long in the park alone waiting for my tuitions to get over. She tried her best to fulfill all my wishes. She always stands with me whenever I need her support. She does scold me when I do wrong things, but then after some hours she explains me with love what mistakes I’ve committed and how wrong I was. As I am the only child to my parents, I do feel alone at times. When I wanted to play with someone, I found no one. When I wanted to share some secrets, I found no one. When I wanted a suggestion, I found no one. When I wanted to roam around, I found no one. I always loved having cousins. My mother alone played all the roles.


My father was busy with his office and she was the one who played with me, got friendly with me, and with time, I started sharing everything with her. When my best friend ditched me, I used to cry on her lap. She has helped me mature. She has made me a good human being. I love you maa. 😙😍

I dedicate a line from a hindi movie song, to my mother :

         ” की यह जो दुनिया हैं, 
            यह वन हैं काटों का,
                तू फूलवारी हैं ।
              ओ माँ,  ओ माँ ।। ”

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– Nidhi

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