Ek Nayi League is a trending topic nowadays. Everyone is excited to know what actually is Ek Nayi League by Kapil Dev. No one knows about it but for sure everyone is guessing something or the other. There are presently five videos on You Tube related to Ek Nayi League. It is very clear from the videos itself that this will be something new, interesting and for sure, different too. Kapil Dev, clearly says, “If this new league is played from the heart, it will make you lose the game.”

Kapil Dev, a famous cricketer is starting this New League then for sure it would be having something big in stock. Kapil Dev is a man who played his last ODI and last test when I was not born. 12 Years before my birth, he played in World Cup and got that trophy for our country India. But his achievements are known by me and, even young ones in my society know who Kapil Dev is ! Moreover, two weeks before Kapil Dev joins twitter too.

In the first video, when praising Sania Mirza, he shares his America experience where he fought for her. The people there did not find anything big in it but Kapil Dev explained that India is a country where a girl plays is a very big thing itself. Moreover, from our country hardly 300 girls plays tennis and if Sania from that country comes in World Top 20 players it is for sure a big deal.

Another video, where Kapil Dev is talking about Yuvraj Singh. He is proud of Yuvraj Singh that even from fighting with such a serious disease, he wins , returns back and earns 16 crores.

Kapil Dev also talks to Kapil Sharma ( Comedy Night With Kapil ) who does googly of everyone who comes to his show. He even suggests Kapil Sharma that if he plays this new league from heart then his googly can also be made.

Last but not the least, he talks to MS Dhoni. Kapil Dev shares his experience of retirement and the words of Dev Anand. He praises Dhoni for the effort done by heart in making this Indian team.

The most common thing in all the videos was the common message for everyone. He tells everyone not to play his new league from heart. Another common thing in this video is he said everyone to follow him on twitter.

I strongly feel that EK NAYI LEAGUE by Kapil Dev will be totally an inspiring show. Most probably I feel it will be a TV show where these players will be called and they would have to play something different from their field. May be, not only those people but the common man can too be a part of it. May be after every show there would be questions for viewers and they would have to answer it on Twitter.
May be it would be something different too, but I feel that some part of my guesses will surely be a part of EK NAYI LEAGUE.

I wish good luck to Kapil Dev for EK NAYI LEAGUE.

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