From old age, it is a kind of ritual that women do household chores and men do outside work. They go out to earn whereas woman sit back at home and take care of kids and other family members. She alone has to clean the house, prepare food, wash clothes, prepares tea and tiffin’s. She only has to take care of old people at home. She has to give them medicines on time. Even today if you go to backward areas you will see the same and why only in backward areas even in developed towns you will see the same situation. This is 21st century. Even women earn in this era. She goes to office but before going to office she prepare Tiffin’s for all, she cleans the house, prepare lunch and other whatever works are her responsibilities. She knows her responsibility and manage them very them with office. The man present in the house gets tired only by going to office. If you belong to those 30% household where your wife is a housewife still if you calculate the work done by you and work done by her for sure the answer will be she works double than the man. This doesn’t affect her anyhow but this will surely affect you.
                         A good lady actually sacrifices her happiness but she never run away from her responsibilities. Whether she is a house wife or a working lady everyone loves to spend some time with her husband. Every woman love shopping. She also wishes to have dinner or lunch with her family outside sometimes. But, then handling all these responsibilities she get tired and wish to rest rather than going out. Let me ask a simple question, being a man don’t you wish to spend some time alone with your wife? The answer is yes but she does not have time. Actually the real answer is you don’t let her get time. You complain that you go to bed at night and even wait for her but she doesn’t come to room on time. Have you ever thought why she doesn’t get time? No, you had never given a thought to this. Being her lifepartner you must help her.

                       You can always share some works with her. When she prepares tiffins you can fill all the bottles. When she irons your clothes as well as children clothes you can surely polish all the shoes. When she makes the breakfast you can help her by serving them. If you both are working some day you can prepare tea. Trust me just a cup of tea and you can see 1000 volt smile on her face. She will love you more. You can also see at what time she give medicines to your parents and you can take her this responsibility. When you wake up in the morning you can arrange bedsheet properly. When she washes clothes and if you are at home you can help them in drying. At night, when she wash off the utensils you can boil milk and give to everyone.

      If a man start helping his wife and start handling some of the responsibilities the woman will for sure get time for her husband. She will too enjoy life and will collect many good memories with her husband.

“I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.”

– Nidhi


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