The planet we all live on is Earth. We all sustain on this planet. The only planet human lives because only this planet gives us water, air and other essential things to survive. We people do not understand the value of this precious gem. We throw garbage here and there and make this beautiful planet dirty. We must always put all garbage in the dustbin. We must switch off the light, fans whenever we leave the room even for five minutes. By this we save electricity and contribute towards saving our planet. We must not waste water. Many time a little bit of tap is remained opened by people who are in hurry. They never know how much water they waste.  Many people have printers at home. They get a habit of printing every random stuffs. You can save those things in your pc or laptop than just printing them out. People usually dispose some chemicals like ammonia into the grass. We must never do this as the ground will soak it up and will get mix with ground water. Our government is continously making efforts that their citizens must not use plastic. Every time they say “SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS.”  Every citizen must pledge to say no to plastic. The habit of living in tube lights and bulb has made people forget that the light of sun comes through their window panes. I have witnessed many people work by switching on tube lights but they won’t use solar energy. Many other things happen in joint family. Every room has a separate television and half of the times all of them are watching same thing but then just wasting electricity. Why many student just write one line and if its mistake they throw it in dustbin. Why? Can’t they just cut that line and write again? They never realise what they are actually wasting.  Many a time if going in the same route people use two different vehicles. This lead to increase in air population and destroying our planet.You can surely use one vehicle and contribute towards saving the planet. You can always recycle newspaper. Why only paper? One can recycle electronics like CD player, credit cards, mirrors, tires, stereo, gift cards, toys and many other things. Rather than standing in the shower and taking bath you can always bath with a mug. You contribute in saving water and even in saving planet. Plant a tree on special days such as birthday, anniversaries, New Year and many other occasions. We blame god when earthquakes or other natural disaster comes but actually we are the only ones who are the reason for all these problems. God doesn’t cut trees. We do. ! So ultimately we are the destroyer and that why we will only be the sufferer.

If everyone start following all these small tips one day our planet will look more beautiful and every single person will be contributor for this. You are not doing this for others; you are doing this for yourself, for your family and for coming generations. You still have time to save your planet. Do it before its too late. !

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– Nidhi

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