Childhood days are the best days of every person’s life. I was all set to go to my new school. I won’t say it my first school as I had earlier gone to play school. This school was my first little steps towards education. I was all most excited but nervous too. I entered my school. My parents were not allowed to come inside. The security guard told one of the peons to drop me to class. I bid bye to my parents and held peon finger. We were about to move towards the class when the guard shouted again, Take this another girl also, she is also new and from the same class. The peon held that girl hand also and we both reached our classroom. As we both were new comers, the teacher made us sit together. I was so nervous. I had tears in my eyes but I controlled as I did  not wanted everyone to surround around me and  ask why am I crying. I saw my bench partner and we both passed smile to each other.  Our teachers were too sweet. They were treating us like their own children. I was now happy. During recess time, I talked to my bench partner. We even shared our Tiffin’s. I asked her name and she told Sahiba.A nice and different name. Isn’t it? We both became good friends within less time.Years passed, now we were in fifth standard and we both have became best friends. We used to share every thing with each other. One random day, we both fought. It was first time in six years when we both fought. I was sad but it was not my mistake and then why should I say sorry but I missed my friend more. I wanted to go and talk to her. I knew that I won’t be able to live without talking to Sahiba. My heart was constantly saying me to go and finish this fight and at last I listened to my heart. I went to her and at last said sorry to her. I had made a hand made card for her. I wrote some special lines for her. As I was kid, the most popular word I knew was, ROSES ARE RED, SKY IS BLUE, and OH! MY FRIEND, I LOVE YOU.Whatever, I knew I wrote and drew; I just wanted my friend to feel special. She also apologized and told me that she missed me too but did not get courage to talk to me. We hugged each other with happy tears in our eyes. Next day she gifted me a cup on which a noddy was made as a sign of our friendship.
It has been eight long years I left Jamshedpur but our friendship is still the same and I still have that noddy cup with me with all those good memories.

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– Nidhi



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