“Break ups are something, what most of the teenager faces once in their lifetime and some of them face twice too.” The same condition was with my best friend Natasha. She was so pissed off by her breakup that we all got scared that she may do something wrong to her. We wanted things to become normal in her relation but it was not a random fight but her guy cheated upon her. There was no use to even try talking to Saurabh, Natasha’s boyfriend. She was close to my heart and seeing my soulmate so sad I was sad and worried. Whole day, I tried cheering her up making her smile but all my efforts got vain. There was no change in Natasha. She was even not coming to coaching classes.  Our group consisted of six people, me, Natasha, Rajeev, Bibhuti, Shreya and Tarun. Among all Bibhuti and Natasha were my best friends. I called Bibhuti and told her about Natasha condition. We both decided to meet and think to do something so that we can get our old Natasha back. We were having coffee and suddenly I shouted “SURPRISE.”
“Have you gone mad?” Bibhuti questioned.
“No, no.Listen Natasha love surprises. We will plan some surprise party for Natasha and she will happy. My heart says she will love all this. There is nothing special so she will be more happy seeing this celebration. Isn’t it?” I said.
“Let us try.” Bibhuti said.
I called rest of our group mates. We all decided the venue, decided what to gift Natasha and especially how to make her feel special and she is our life and she must know importance of her life. We made a movie collecting all our memories with Natasha. We made handmade cards for her. We made a diary naming WHY OUR NATASHA IS SPECIAL? This time we did not ordered cake but baked it ouself. We even did not planned to go to any restaurant and with the help of google we tried cooking things at home.As per plan it was Rajeev duty to bring Natasha to my home. Our all preparations were set. I was hoping that this surprise returns my old joyful Natasha. Rajeev brought Natasha inside. She was shocked to see the decoration. She took out her mobile and checked something.
“What happened?” Rajeev asked her.
“Today is 23rd march and I don’t remember anyone’s birthday is today.” Natasha said.
I looked at her. Her eyes were all red. I went and hugged her and as if she wanted this hug. She started crying loudly. We let her cry and allowed her emotions to flow.  After some time when she was feeling ok we told her that this party was for her. We gifted her what all we brought for her. She was more shocked to know that we baked cake and adding cherry to the cake was that her friends cooked first in the whole life and that for her. We could not see Natasha smiling.
It was time for everyone to leave for their home when Natasha said, “Thank you people! You people made me realized that I was ending my life for a stupid boy but I have many more people who loves me more than anyone.”
We had a group hug and next day we found our old Natasha back who used to pass comments in class. I was happy that my decision taken from heart really worked.

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

– Nidhi


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