E- Governance is known as Electronic governance. It is the application through which government services are delivered, communication transactions are exchanged, various stand – alone systems are integrated between government to customers, government to business , government to government and interaction between the entire government framework. There are no distinct boundaries in e- governance.


The main difference between E- government and e- governance is that e-government is one way communication protocol but e governance is two way communication protocols. Some of the efforts like e- kranti are put up by the government. The aim of this program is to provide broadband connectivities to schools which would be including free Wifi and many online free courses. Many Mission Mode Projects are made which are having a lot of citizen interface. There are many advantages of E-governance. Technologies such as Internet and Cell phones have saved so much time of people. Paper based communications take a lot of time and it is expensive too whereas Internet and phones are cheaper and easier. It is rightly said that “AN INFORMED SOCIETY IS AN EMPOWERED SOCIETY.” One of the most important advantages of E-governance is the interaction between citizens and government. Citizens are able to give their feedbacks easily and the government comes to know the problems its citizens are facing.


Through E- governance, there is a transparency between government and citizens. It is easy for the government to bring all government data and information available to the people for access and people can easily know government policies. There are many more advantages and scope of E-government.

And now adding cherry on the cake, the government has joined hands with Intel in order to foster e-governance in a wider sense, thus make our nation a digitised one. Now , the government can communicate directly with the public. The public can tell needs and problem to the government and the government can guide the multi national company it has joined hands with, accordingly. In this way with the help of Intel , the government of India can make its dream of creating a #DigitalIndia come true with flying colours.



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– Nidhi


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