Everyday, I go to the park for morning walk. Just like everyday today also I went for a walk and after getting tired I sat down on a bench. Beside me was sitting a couple. The husband was praising his wife foods and was thanking her for making everyday new dishes. I was amazed to know that how can someone make new dish everyday. I was more surprised when the wife said that don’t thank me, thank your kellog’s cornflakes. Due to curiousity, I could not stop myself and thought to start a conversation with them.
“ Hello uncle and aunty. Sorry to listen to your conversation but I am too surprised to know how do you people have new dishes everyday at home itself.” I said.
They both smiled and the lady said , “ Come with us and have special breakfast at GUPTAJI’S home.” I was hesitating but they requested so much that I could not deny and I went with them to their house. Mrs. Gupta was such a sweet lady. Within twenty minutes Mrs. Gupta came to dinning table and my eyes remained wide open when I saw so many dishes on the table. I first asked Mrs. Gupta to tell me the names of the dishes she prepared. Mr. Gupta told that the first dish was Cheesy Cornflakes, the second one was Cornflakes Chana Chaat, the third one was Cornflakes fruity Yogurt cup, the fourth one was Strawberry and the last but not the least was banana cornflakes Almond Coconut Shake. Seeing so many items cooked within twenty minutes was something shocking for me.
“ Di don’t be shock and taste all one by one. “ Ritu, Gupta Uncle daughter said.
I laughed and started tasting all the dishes. Everything was so yummy that my stomach was full but my desired to eat more was not ending. I thanked Mr. Gupta and his wife for inviting me to their home. Mrs. Gupta helped me in noting down some tasty receipes including the one she made for me so that I can try at home too. She even gave me her number so that if I would be having some problem I can contact her. I was so happy to know that within few minutes you can cook so delicious breakfasts just with Kelloggs’s Corn Flakes.
“ Come again di.” Rohan, son of Gupta uncle said. I promised to come again and I left their home. While returning back I bought a packet of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. I told my parents about Gupta Uncle and his family. I promised them that tomorrow morning breakfast you would be having of my hands. They were amazed to listen this. Next morning I woke up and decided to make Walnut Cornflakes Choco Balls. My parents tasted them and were praising me as it was first time I made something and that too so delicious. I packed some balls in a tiffin and headed towards Mrs. Gupta house. At the time, I entered the house Ritu was demanding for breakfast.
“ Come taste some Walnut Cornflakes Choco Balls made by me.” I said.
Rohan came rushing to me and tasted one. Every member of Gupta family praised me and I thanked them because if they would not be there I would never know that we can make so many mouth watering food with Cornflakes.

This post is a part of : https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.

– Nidhi


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