Happiness, a nine letter word has a deep meaning inside it. It is too easy to make someone sad but it takes a lot of efforts to make someone smile. Bringing that million dollar smile on one’s face is too difficult. They will show you fake smile but the real happiness is something which comes directly from heart. It is not necessary that when you achieve something, then only you are happy. The real happiness includes many small things. Happiness is something you can get from different things. I get real happiness when:

  • SEEING MY PARENTS HAPPY : Parents are the most important part of my life. When I get good marks, I would be satisfied but they are like their daughter have achieved something big. For them seeing my success give them immense happiness and seeing them so happy, encourages me to work more hard. When I sit with them and share random things this gives me happiness that even being a single child, my parents never let me feel that I don’t have siblings.
  • FREE EDUCATION TO POOR KIDS : When I was in Delhi and after my board examinations I was getting bored because I did not had things to do. I decided to take tutions. I went to my landlord and told them my idea. Their maid was working and she said if I could teach her children tutions free of cost as she is poor. I have thought to take tutions to take out my expenses but I could not deny her. She sent her children and I started teaching them. Many more people of that area who couldn’t afford tutions came to me and I agreed. Trust me this was giving me so much happiness that I am able to teach some kids few words. I was given so much love from kids as they were loving studying and I was given blessings from their parents.
  • GIFTING PEOPLE : To gift people you need not have a lot money but you need to have a good and a big heart. I love gifting people as they are so much happy and I become happy seeing them happy. I won many vouchers from Indi blogger and one by one I used those vouchers to gift things to my brothers , grandmother , mother, mausi and my bua. They were so happy to get those things and making them happy with little things gave me inner peace and happiness.
  • COUSINS AND FRIENDS: Cousins and friends are something that you will need every time. I am an open book in front of them. They know my life’s each chapter. Sharing things with them and listening to them makes me happy. Roaming out with them, late night chats with them, eating golgappe with them on roadsides makes me happy. Small get together with them let you forget all the pains.
  • SURPRISE PARTIES : Everyone loves surprises. Isn’t it ? I love getting surprises and even I love more giving surprises. Getting surprises makes everyone happy. I do arrange surprise parties for my parents , friends and relatives. This give me a lot of happiness. I too enjoy the same in that celebration.

Shopping , Listening songs , Being pampered also gives me happiness. My true happiness lies in seeing my loved one happy.

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