” Raj, why are you leaving us to old age home ?”, his parents asked.
” You are a burden on me. ” He replied.
” We did so many things for you and only you.” His mother said.
” I don’t want to fight more”. Raj said and left the place with tears in his eyes. He was too rude to his parents but he had to do this for his family.
After an hour, Raj dad saw his parents in the same old age home. All past memories surrounded his mind. He
remembered how rude he was too his parents and he left them here. His old parents were crying to with their
grand son but he left them crying. Raj dad was feeling guilty. He went to his mother and cried in front of them. He even wanted to rectify his mistakes but now he was himself homeless. Raj grandmother wiped off his son tears and saw him something. There Raj was
standing with his wife. Both of them were smiling.
” Why did you do this to us ?” Raj mother questioned him.
” When you both were doing this, I was too small to understand this but I had seen tears in grandpaa and grandmaa eyes. I wanted you both to realize that as a children want their parents in childhood, in the same manner the parents need their children in their old
“We are sorry . ” Raj father said.


Raj took his parents and his grandparents to his home
and they lived happily together.

– Nidhi


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