Roti prata is a popular  dish from Malaysia and Singapore. It is normally served with a vegetable or meat based curry. If requested, prata is cooked with cheese, onion, banana, red bean, chocolate, mushroom or egg. Roti prata, is among the top 50 food of the world.


The prata is commonly known as parotta in the Indian subcontinent. In other countries, it is known as roti canai. It looks and taste like Indian naan. Before it is heated over a grill plate, roti prata is flipped and turned and flipped again. You will feel like dancing while seeing its preparation.
It is a type of pancake. The creator of this dish is Malaysian Indian. Roti prata is categorized as a dessert. We can also make “MURTAK” i.e roti prata including meat curry fillings, egg and onions. For the dough of plain prata, we need plain flour, sunflower oil, water , salt and a teaspoon of sugar. Take flour,,salt and sugar and mix well and slowly pour in half oil. As it becomes sticky, pour it in rest of the water. The dough must be soft, spongy and elastic. When the dough is ready form it into round balls. Put the balls in a plate and put some oil on it.

Dip your hands in oil a little bit, and press the balls one by one and strech them. Fold the top and bottom to another side. Fry till golden brown. Roti prata with egg is known as ROTI PRATA TELUR. If you want to make this before folding break and egg and mix it and rest is the same. Serve it with anything of your choiceend and when they meet in centre at last fold the two sides. When it looks like rectangle shape, heat a flat pan with three spoon of oil. Once the pan is hot, put your prata inside it. Once a side is golden brown turn. Serve it hot with the thing of your choice.

The images of Roti prata is taken from Google.
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