It is so difficult for any girl to share with their parents that they had a boyfriend who cheated her. Listening to the word boyfriend, parents temper would rise so high. The same condition was of mine. I returned home after the coaching. I was in no mood to talk to anyone. I kept my mobile on flight mode and switched to the music player.  I opened the folder sad  songs  and  started  listening to the   songs  one  after  the  another. While listening, I felt that each song was made for me. Whether it  was  TUJHAY  YAAD  NA  MERI  AAYI  of  Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, or it was SACH KEH RAHA HAI DEEWANA of  Rehna  Hai Tere Dil Mai , both were bringing equal tears to my eyes. I was crying hard. I had lost all hopes of Varun returning to my life because it was not a random  small  fight ,it was Varun was cheating upon me. I myself saw Varun with Ankita, my classmate. They were in the same mall, I was with my cousins buying gifts for my parents. It was my parents anniversary on the coming Sunday. I was shocked to see both of them so close. Everytime, in front of me Varun would back bite about Ankita. I wanted to go and slap Varun there itself  but I could not as I was with my cousins and moreover  I  never wanted my life to be a public discussion.  I came back home and dressed up for coaching. I met Varun there. I asked him where he was in afternoon and very calmy he lied to me that he was at his home only. I remained quiet. I was thinking about the moments  I spent with Varun and they were hurting me more. I did not even know when my mother entered the room. She became worried seeing me in tears and I faked an excuse that I was having pain in head. She handed over her phone to me. On the other hand, it was my elder brother from Mumbai who was so excited to know about the surprise we were planning for parents. He was sad because he was so much excited about parents silver jublee but due to his semester exams he could not come. I wanted to share my pain with him but he was already sad and I did not wanted that my sadness  add  more tensions to his life during examination. I disconnected the call and slept. The whole night, I was thinking  about Varun. Ankita and I were dragger drawn. It was 4 am when my mind strucked that I had to make so many things for my parents. I woke  and went to my study room.I had my heart in my boots. I started crying loudly because I could not do anything properly. My parents rushed to the room. They were shocked to see me crying so much. My father hugged me tight. I was continuously weeping. My mother asked me the reason but I was not ready to share anything. They both gave me their swear and I had no choice left. I told them everything truly that how Varun and I came in relstionship and how he cheated upon me. He was just playing with my feelings. I was so attached to him. He bited the hands that were always for his happiness. My parents were quiet. I thought any next second I would get a slap. But suprisingly, my mother hugged me. She wiped off my tears. My father went and made maggie for me. I was surprised to see this act of theirs. They then explained me having a lover is not bad but choosing a wrong guy for yourself is surely wrong. They said that if a boy look good, he gifts you every now and then never think that that boy is right for you. These are only for movies. In reality, your boy will be the one who will care for you. The boy who will be available for you at this time. The boy who will not just promise random things but will do things that will give you a lot of happiness. Both of them explained so properly to me that I realized that I wasted my tears for a wrong guy.

“ What are you gifting us ?” ,my mother asked.

“ Why should I tell you. ?” I gave a look to her.

“ Kindly stop crying for a wrong boy. Concentrate on your studies and fulfill your dreams. This is not the right time for all this. A random attraction is not love. Love is something different. You will understand this when you will find your true partner at right time. This is the only gift I want.”  My mother completed.

“ Actually, we want. As usual your mother forgets me. “ My dad added.

Listening to this I laughed out loudly and promised them that I will give them their gift. With the rising sun I decided to start a new life. Raking over the ashes won’t work but forgetting them would make a good change.

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