05-nidhi                                                                                                                          Stress a small word, but it has a deep meaning inside it. Stress results in lack of confidence and many such problems. People are usually in stress when things go against them, when they have lots of work and they have less time. When the wish of people does not get fulfilled they get in stress. There are many ways to reduce the stress.


1. HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS : Hanging out with friends results in reducing stress. Womens can organize kitty parties for their enjoyment whereas mens can just go for bike rides with their friends. You can organise small parties with families.

2. Try doing different things : You can try cooking different things. You can even try painting different things. You can even watch movies especially comedy ones.
You can even go to various restaurants and try different things. This would be a nice and different way to change your mood. Try those flavours which you haven’t eaten before. New flavours would bring a change in your mood.

3. SONGS : Songs always play a vital role. Whenever you are in stress, try listening varities of songs. It will help changing your mood. Listen rocking songs which can make you dance. Dance a lot on that songs and you will feel fresh and happy.

4. SLEEP A LOT : Sleeping give rest to your mind. While sleeping your mind is in the state of rest. If you are in stress, try sleeping a lot. It can give relaxation to your mind. Sleeping can reduce your stress. It is rightly said a good sleep results in a fit body.

5. MEET YOUR SOULMATE : Your soulmate can be your mother, your father , your best friend or your life partner. You    can go and meet them. Share the reason of your stress with them. You are an open book in front of your soulmate. Share every small problem to them. They are your best listeners and will try solving your problem for sure.

Try following these steps and bring a 100 volt smile on your face.
These are the five steps 5 ways in which I De-stress and #SlowDownZindagi when it all becomes too much to handle.

I am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi usingParachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oilin association withBlogAdda‘

– Nidhi


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